Watch In-depth 50-Minute Video Interview with Cinematographer Bradford Young

Bradford Young

Bradford Young

Are there any cinematographers working today who are drawing more attention and growing acclaim than Bradford Young?

With a very impressive list of credits, Young has become a cinematographer who unquestionably raises the quality level of every film he shoots. No wonder he’s on practically every filmmaker’s short list of cinematographers they most want to work with.

But how did he get his start? What is it like being one of the very few black cinematographers working in Hollywood today? How does he approach his work and decide the look for every film he shoots? And what’s his take on being a black man in America today?

Young discusses these, and many other subjects, in the below 50-minute video interview he gave to the YouTube film channel DP/30. So get comfortable, watch and listen.


  1. You can also go YouTube and type in the search box DP/30 Bradford Young and it will bring it right up.

  2. This brother is a cinematographic genius! His work was BEYOND EXCELLENT in Mother of George and Selma was so beautiful to watch

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