Everybody Will Appear on ‘Empire’ Next Season – Add Al Sharpton and André Leon Talley to the Growing List

nullI do wonder if all these announced celebrity appearances will be to the show’s detriment. Eventually its success could become driven mostly by audience expectations of who’ll be appearing on the show from week to week, and what potentially outrageous thing they’d be asked to do as either fictional characters on the series, or as themselves. 

It’s a bit of a circus now. But if it works, it works, right? I’m not in the show’s target audience, so what do I know? 

Adding to a growing list of famous faces who’ll appear during season 2 of Fox’s mega-hit primetime soap opera "Empire," Entertainment Weekly reports that Reverend Al Sharpton and fashion icon André Leon Talley have both signed up, apparently to play themselves, when the series returns on September 22. How much of them will we see? Will they be single episode appearances or will each have multi-episode story arcs? We don’t know with certainty yet; although they’ll likely be single episode flashes. I don’t think either gentleman has the time to commit to anything more. But the fact that Lee Daniels is able to attract them to the show is certainly a demonstration of his reach, or their desire to be a part of the carnival.

Sharpton and Talley join Marisa Tomei, Pitbull, Mariah Carey, Chris Rock, Lenny Kravitz, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland, Ludacris, Adam Rodriguez, Andre Royo, Tyra Ferrell, and whoever else I’m forgetting, and/or will be added before the new season of "Empire" begins, like Oprah Winfrey.


  1. @Carey Carey Andre Royo was in The Wire. As far as this season is concerned, they’re soaking the garbage in gasoline and striking a match.

  2. Seeing Al Sharpton or Leon Talley on Empire is exciting, why? They are on talk shows all the time. Now if they had announced Muhammad Ali, I’d be intrigued. Bottom line, Empire can have all the celebrities it wants, but I fear the show is becoming more of a red carpet and less of a story. I began to lose interest in Empire as the season ended because of some ridiculous story developments. Hope the writing improves for the second season.

  3. Lee Daniels is the show’s co creator, but he is not the showrunner, and is not with the show on a daily basis. I know that as a successful black man, he’s a target for those who are not successful, but he does not deserve all of the credit for Empire being a hit, or for the decisions that are made.

  4. "I only recognized 2 established ‘professional’ actors in the entire list: Marisa Tomei and Andre Royo". That’s interesting b/c I don’t know who Andre Royo is but I recognized a few who I’ve seen give a pretty good performance. Lenny Kravitz gave a nice performance in "Precious" and The Butler. Mariah Carey did just to her role in Precious as well. Chris Rock, well, although he’s not the best actor, he is an established actor. Alicia Keys carried her part in Smokin’ Aces?… or was that "Eight Heads In A Basket" (or something like that?) And Luda has more than a few films under his belt. But please keep the Rev. Al 100 miles away from the camera. He’s a cringe moment for me. But really, I’ve never been a fan of celebrity drive-bys. They tend to rape the show/story of any legitimacy it may have had. But wait, I forgot, we’re talkin’ about a nighttime soap. So yeah, now I’m thinking with this being the early start of the race to the White House, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those Republican candidates didn’t appear on the show. Bill Clinton played the sax on Arsenio’s show, didn’t he. And the man got every available black vote out there. So yeah, I can see Donald Trump in an episode. See, he breaks up in the Lyon’s annual boardroom meeting and says, "I am rich as hell and I just bought this company and all you dumb mfers are fired". Then he winks at Cookie and says, "but you, you folow me, I’ve always loved brown sugar". That episode would break every viewship record in prime-time-tv. And Donald would become the next president.I’m tellin’ you… and don’t let him break out singing a song like President Obama is known for doing. And every time he does it, he breaks the house down. So don’t let the Trump breakout in the old negro spiritual "People Get Ready There’s A Train A Comin’". Shiiiiiit, victory is his.

  5. I only recognized 2 established ‘professional’ actors in the entire list: Marisa Tomei and Andre Royo. The rest…well. Time will tell.

  6. I feel the same way in regard to the trouble with there being so many guest appearances. They’re trying desperately to hold on to the novelty of the show; it will wear off soon enough.

  7. This show is all about generating Twitter comments. Daniels treats story and character development like Attila the Hun treated conquered villages.

  8. Lawd! It’s never a good sign when so many celebrities are on one crappy show. I guess C00n Daniels believes that the celebrities will distract from the awful storyline.

  9. We don’t know how the celebs will be used, so I would hold off on calling it a circus. It sounds like Al Sharpton and Leon Talley will play the same type of role that Sway Calloway did. They won’t have a storyline or a lot of screentime. There is nothing wrong with having them play themselves to add some realism to the story.

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