Bounce TV Ends Ban on ‘The Cosby Show’ Reruns

The Cosby Show

The Cosby Show

Over a year after pulling “The Cosby Show” reruns off the air, in the wake of news surrounding Bill Cosby’s rape allegations, Bounce TV has announced that it has decided to end its ban reruns of the series, starting next month.

The announcement was made via the Bounce TV Twitter account (See below):

I wasn’t aware that audiences were demanding a return of the comedy series. I assume there’ll be some backlash…

“The Cosby Show” was also banned by BET, Centric and TV Land. No word on whether they will follow Bounce TV’s lead.

Reruns of the classic sitcom will begin airing on Dec. 19 on Bounce TV.


  1. It must be true because so many people say it is, like so many people were convinced at one time that Jews and blacks are not human beings just because scientists and people said so. I’m alarmed by the hypocrisy of a community that argues for justice and fair trial but turns its back on a member of the community with no trial having taken place. What else is new.

      • She said she didn’t feel well and Cosby offered her pills which she accepted.
        Why didn’t she go to the hospital?
        Why did she continue to see Cosby if she was violated?
        Why did she buy Cosby gifts after the alleged assault occurred?
        Why did it take her a year to go to police?
        ….because she lying and trying to extort Mr Cosby!

          • Cosby never admitted to drugging women against their will. He said he offered them drugs, which some accepted. Not a shred of evidence against Cosby..

    • Really? Bounce TV is one of the easiest OTA channels for me to pick up with my digital antenna.
      Sometimes, it depends on where you place the antenna. When I place my antenna on one side, I get a lot more channels than on the opposite side of the house. Location location location!

  2. I’m just excited to watch one of my FAVORITE tv shows ever!! That show meant so much to me in my youth. I’m glad it’s coming back on!!


  4. I love it I am happy to see COSBY BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE was never convicted of anything. People have a problem with Cosby but not TRUMP. Vanasa Williams naked pictures kept her from being Miss America Mrs. Trump naked pictures first lady. leave Mr. Cosby alone stop the double standard. i WILL WATCH AND LOVE MR COSBY.

  5. I watch Bounce but tune into another station when the BIlly Cosby show comes on because I have a choice and besides I never found him funny.

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