Van Jones Is Bringing His Web Series ‘The Messy Truth’ to CNN in December

Van Jones

Van Jones

During the insanity of this past presidential election, no doubt one of the sanest and most perceptive political pundits analyzing what happened and what it all means, was CNN’s political commentator Van Jones.

Named earlier this week by the New York Times as the “Star of the 2016 Campaign”, the former college professor and political activist has been a passionate voice for the progressives, which was tough to do going up against Trump’s dunderheaded surrogates. (Jones’ regular comical looks of frustration arguing with a nitwit like Jeffrey Lord, were priceless.)

Now CNN, obviously seeing that they have a real star in the making, who they would like to hold on to, have made a deal with Jones to host a special on the network, airing on December 6, titled “The Messy Truth”, during which Jones will give “a live audience an opportunity to be outspoken” about the recent election.

The show is intended to be an offshoot of Jones’ current webseries on the CNN website, also called “The Messy Truth”, that sees him travel around the country, talking to Trump and Clinton supporters about their respective choices.

The special, according to the network, will focus on “the intersectional social justice issues that are likely to arise in a Trump presidency”. Surely, one of Jones’ biggest challenges will be to maintain some civility among his guests (instead of the usual shouting matches), and ensure that the special be informative.


  1. Good for him cause he was respectful in room full of disrespectful bigots like that horrible White Heifer Kelly Mckeneny

  2. So glad to see people recognizing Van Jones’ integrity and ability. He has been the bright spot in “discussions” on CNN, keeping his cool when Kayley McIlhenney and Corey Leowondowski spout their tirades supporting the unsupportable. (I apologize for my spelling there) I wonder why CNN has such nasty people on, when there are others who can hold a civil conversation and present intelligent takes on the events of the election. Can’t wait to see Van’s show next month.

  3. Congratulations!! I stopped watching CNN after the election. I will watch Van Jones show.

    • You should have stopped watching CNN after your order was ready at Dunkin Donuts. Or after you left the airport.

  4. You are appreciated in expressing your view, yet actively listening to those who oppose them, true dignity and professionalism.

  5. I stop watching CNN after Don Lemon was acting a fool! But to support Van, I’ll tune in! He seemed to be the ONLY person on that network who had the sense to speak the truth!

  6. Congratulations Mr. Jones. It has been a pleasure and relief seeing and hearing you on CNN, and I look forward to more. You certainly speak to me and for me.

  7. You (and my son)erte born on a yime of gresy upheaval, the Vietnam war.My prayets over a newborn baby boy did not kerp him fromsetving his country ,(8Middle East tours)nor uou from seeing it thru different a vantage point!Im sure your mama prayed over you too. Now you stand for justice and interity among those who would dedtroy America Not Make it Great Again.Whenever was is not Great.? Be safe Be alert, and know you have people who are listening and trust your judgement!!Forever grateful!

  8. The show will last a couple of weeks, propped up by liberal lies and then this cry baby will be finally done.

  9. My congratulations to Mr. Van Jones. I am so very proud of you and how respectful you remained to be during the CNN presidential campaign and election. You are an example, like President Obama. May God continue to bless you with whatever He has in store for you. From a proud African American woman.

  10. The only reason I would watch CNN was because of Van Jones, Angela Rye and Bakari Sellers. I will tune in to Mr. Jones special and then back to not watching CNN.

  11. Outstanding effort to bring respect, clarity and sanity back to the national discourse. We are in desperate need and I look forward to your show.

  12. Congratulations Van Jones. You have many fans who can’t wait to see your show. Thanks for being the grownup voice of sanity and reason among so many tantrum-throwing middle-aged adolescents.

  13. I have appreciated your rational commentary ( you were a bright spot in a very dark election season), and am looking forward to your CNN special! Best of luck!

  14. I always watch “The View” every morning and was surprised to see and hear an intelligent, vocally educated black man giving truthful answers to unanswered questions to a misguided world. I say to Mr. Jones….Thank You.

    Need to know, when and where will “Messy Truth” air?

  15. Please tell us what time on December 6th so we can set our DVR if it conflicts with our church’s children’s Christmas play which is 6 p.m. Central time. Thank you! Trump voter household who voted twice for Obama!

    • …and you’re proud of your decision to vote Trump? OMG… do you realize you’ve just told the world you’re a gullible sap who is easily duped?

      Look to you phone and mail-box for offers of untold riches. But before they arrive I’d suggest that you watch the movie “Bamboozled”. I mean, if what you said is true, it’s apparent that you enjoy being deceived by trickery, from a man who gives the appearance of an under-educated bully. That’s right, you proudly proclaimed that you voted for a man who does not like using a teleprompter because eventually the world would discover his reading difficulties. And, all the questions surrounding his limited vocabulary would soon be exposed.

      So go ahead, raise you hand in the air. Show the world that you’re a deep thinker.

  16. Congratulations, Van Jones, I look forward to watching, The Messy Truth. You always carried yourself with integrity and grace during this election cycle. Anna Navarro also spoke with compassion and integrity.
    I also stop watching CNN after the election. I have been a CNN “junkie” for years-turning it on as I readied myself for work. However, after watching this election cycle I was turned off for many reasons – too long to list in this post. I will probably go back to watching CNN but not yet.

  17. I only watch CNN because of Van Jones. I need to see more of him to continue watching. This new show of his will help. When he is on, he is compelling to watch.

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