A Good Year for Black Golden Globe Nominees (TV, Film) – The Awards Ceremony Airs Live on NBC Tonight

"Moonlight" / A24

“Moonlight” / A24

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 74th annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be broadcast live tonight, January 8, 2017 fromt the Beverly Hilton Hotel, on NBC, starting at 5 p.m. PST.

The Awards nominations are in 24 categories. Below you’ll find all the nominees per category; I highlighted (with a red rectangle) talent of African descent, or films and TV shows that feature talent of African descent in major roles (in front of, and/or behind the camera).

Of note, “Moonlight” may have a good night with 5 nominations (including Best Screenplay), followed by “Hidden Figures,” “Fences” and “Loving.” And on the TV side, cast members from “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” “Black-ish,” “This Is Us,” “Atlanta,” “Insecure,” and “Westworld” to name a few are nominated.

As you can see from my highlights, it’s a relatively good year (compared to previous Golden Globes) for actors and actresses of African descent. Of course, they all still have to win. Although for some, the nomination may be enough of a win.

So check out the list below in preparation for the big event tonight, which typically sets the tone for the next major annual awards ceremony, the Oscars! I anticipate Barry Jenkins’ “Moonlight” to be a standout, given how well it’s done critically until now:










  1. Looks very diverse!Shout out and congrats the the Egyptian, Pacific Islander, Latino, Pakistani and Indian nominees I see nominated also.

  2. One of the executive producers/financier of Manchester by the Sea is black woman named Kimberly Steward.

  3. Manchester by the Sea shouldn’t even been nominated for nothing! What a corny looking movie! Casey Affleck can’t even act and Michelle Williams’ acting looks forced! The Globes should as well nominate Will Smith for his corny movie Collateral Beauty!

    • “corny looking,” “acting looks forced,” etc. Talk smack when you see the film and sincerely hate it as much as you seem to now without even seeing it. Sure, it doesn’t look great from the trailers. But I said the same thing about American Beauty and when I saw it, I was blown away. Stop making the movie going experience as superficial as it has become thanks to websites like this.

      • Excuse me but the whole point of the trailers is to get folks into the theaters to see the films! If the acting and story in the trailers seemed forced or corny why should I go see that film? Most of the times, when I see how bad the trailers are, the films are 10 times worse! Plus, I heard the synopsis of this film and it’s corny as hell! FYI I’m not talking smack! Matt Damon doesn’t have to come on and convince me that the film is about real life! Let me determine that for my damn self!

        • Determine what you want for yourself when you see the film, not after. Until you see it, you’re just talking out of your ass.

        • Btw, D. TROUBLEMAKER, I saw the film and it is one of the best of the year. It is both extremely tragic and funny. Not an easy feat. And it stays with you long after the end credits. Not only should it be nominated but it will be nominated for Best Screenplay, Directing, and Best Picture Oscars, and it won Best Actor Golden Globe tonight.

          • Ain’t nobody running to see Manchester By the Sea and it has been out for 61 days! Even with Casey Affleck getting the globes for acting, still folks ain’t flocking to see that piece of S#*T!
            “Determine what you want for yourself when you see the film, not after. Until you see it, you’re just talking out of your ass.”
            – No Brainer
            You can’t tell me what to do and when to see a film! Why you are you so pressed? Do you work for the film or are you related to Casey Affleck? When I was judging Birth of a Nation’s trailer before the movie came out, where was your ass? When I was judging Hidden Figures’ trailer before I saw the film, again where was your ass?

          • My hand is raised. I was excited to see Manchester By the Sea,specifically because Casey Affleck was in it. Earlier he had caught my eye in The Finest Hours. After being impressed by his performance in that tense action/drama, I re-watched his performance in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

            Consequently, I can say, without a shadow of doubt, is he deserve all the accolades being thrown his way.

            And all I can say about someone who has come to a decision about his acting prowess based solely on a trailer is…

            ignorance must be bliss b/c they don’t know when they’re making fool of themselves.

            • Look who’s talking? Homeboy, you can’t throw stones at me when you live in a glass house! You’re the same person who commented on both Birth of a Nation and Moonlight before you saw both films! Do you need me to copy your comments? Cos you know I will.
              FYI Manchester By The Sea was constantly advertised on TV and it has been in the theaters for 61 days. It has only made about 37 million. Clearly I’m not the only person who thinks this film looks corny and the acting looks forced!

  4. But damn, look at those supporting actress nominees. #goldenglobessoblack Now for director damian (please no), tom (overrated women in peril story), mel (racist), just keep the camera on damian’s face when he looses. And such a joke william frieken says damian is the future of cinema. Don’t think so. Frieken who says there are no gender or racist issues in hollywood.

    • Viola Davis should have been in the best lead actress category and not the supporting actress! She is the lead actress in Fences!

    • Haha! Thanks to this comment, I’m rooting for La La Land and I didn’t even see it yet.

      • Good route for the damian director! Route for the young gifted man who is the future of cinema. Was that you with kanye at chump tower?

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about. But that’s okay. Enjoy your life in the comment sections of S&A.

          • I am enjoying my life. I write every day. Quality stuff that needs to get into theaters and it will. What are you doing as$%^&?

            • IG-88… Writing is like lifting weights. You can do it everyday, but if you’re not doing it right you won’t really get impressive results. I doubt whether your “quality stuff” is as good as you think they are. Black writer/filmmakers are completely deluded know-it-alls. If you’re stuff is so great then take the first step, get yourself a Hollywood manager.

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