‘Hidden Fences’ Was Such a Big Hit at the Golden Globes That Stephen Colbert Created a Trailer for it

CREDIT: Stephen Colbert’s "Late Show"

CREDIT: Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show”

As I’m sure some of you did, Black Twitter had a lot fun with the Golden Globes broadcast snafu committed by multiple people who embarrassed themselves (and NBC) by conflating the titles of 2 black films that were up for awards on Sunday night: “Hidden Figures” and “Fences.”

If you missed it all, just search the hashtag #HiddenFences on Twitter for likely thousands of hilarious mocking tweets.

First, Jenna Bush Hager, reporting for NBC News from the Globes red carpet, got the attention of Pharrell Williams (one of the producers of “Hidden Figures” and creators of the film’s soundtrack) when she said, “So, you’re nominated for ‘Hidden Fences’…” Pharrell was nominated for best original score for the movie.

And later in the evening, presenter Michael Keaton made the same error when announcing nominees for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture; when he got to Octavia Spencer’s name, he also screwed up the film’s title, calling it “Hidden Fences.”

There may have been other similar instances of confusion that we may not be aware of at this time.

Both did apologize for their errors, for whatever they’re worth. But that didn’t stop late night talk-show host Stephen Colbert from making pointed fun of the entire fiasco, by having his team create a fake trailer for a fake film titled “Hidden Fences,” which he shared on his show last night.

Watch the faux trailer below:


  1. Good one Stephen. With the exception of Moonlight, are there any other Black Films that are huge contenders this award season? That would give reasons to suggest why Hidden Figures and Fences got mixed up. lol Its sad that we really only have 3 movies that are being talked about. Its also really messed up that Birth of a Nation isn’t being looked at because of what happened with Nate. Anyone I know who’s seen it agrees that its a great film. Hopefully our own award shows will recognize our great works when others don’t.

  2. That last sentence in the first reply. This is simply not one country, not one nation. Under God was an add-on to the pledge of allegiance and never true for us, more than ten percent of the population. That said, we can as Carrier Fisher said, turn our lives into art. Actually, she said broken hearts but we are a lot more than that. We’re Melancholy and Moonlight, we’re also Hidden Figures. We’re 500 years enslaved in the Americas but we’re also Glory and Daughters of the Dust and Underground. We’re both/and. We’re Passing Through and Slaughter of Sheep and Juice; we’re Nothing But A Man and Five on the Black Hand Side. We’re Cooley High and …Not Your Negro. We’re the HoneyDipper and Tupac Resurrection, Fences and the Birth of A Nation. Mostly, we’re still untold, unseen and unheard. A burst of light in the darkness! Praises to our writers and songwriters, our photographers and filmmakers, our journalists and entrepeneurs and especially those who teach! All is well.

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