NBC Cancels Al Roker and Tamron Hall-Hosted ‘Today’s Take’ to Make Room for Fox News Alum Megyn Kelly’s New Show

"Today's Take" / NBC

“Today’s Take” / NBC


NBC certainly is rolling out the red carpet for Megyn Kelly, who the network poached from her former home at Fox News where she had worked for 12 years.

Earlier this month, Kelly announced she was leaving Fox News to take on a new role at NBC News. As part of a multi-year agreement she inked with NBC, Kelly will host her own daytime news program, as well as anchor a Sunday evening news show, and also take part in special political programming and other breaking news coverage.

This obviously meant that there would be a lineup shakeup to accommodate Kelly at NBC – notably the daytime hour.

The “Today” programming block is a total of 4 hours; the first two hours are anchored by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie; Al Roker and Tamron Hall co-host the third hour (“Today’s Take”); while Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford co-host the fourth and final hour.

The network hasn’t made any official statements on this yet, but various reputable sources, including the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Deadline, the New York Times, and several others of their stature, are all reporting that programming Kelly’s new daytime show into NBC’s morning schedule will result in Al Roker and Tamron Hall’s “Today’s Take” hour – which currently airs from 9am to 10am – being canceled, starting in the fall of this year. Sources say Kelly’s show timeslot is still being decided by NBC, but it’s expected that she will take over either the “Today” show 9am or 10am hour; if it ends up being the 10am hour, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, who currently host the 10 am hour, will move to 9 am.

Kelly’s new show will not fall under the ‘Today’ show banner, but will instead be Kelly-branded daytime program.

But no matter which hour Kelly’s show gets slotted in, Roker and Hall will no longer be hosting any hour of “Today.” However, it should be noted that neither of them is leaving the “Today” show or NBC. Roker will likely continue his weatherman duties during the first 2 hours, while Hall will be used in some other capacity still to be determined. Although Hall’s contract with NBC is reportedly on its tail-end, and NBC is negotiating with her reps. In short, NBC wants her to stay, and she wants to stay, but it all depends on how the negotiations go. She also hosts a show on MSNBC by the way, which airs weekdays. So there’s a chance that they find a way to keep her happy during the “Today” show hours on NBC (maybe filling in for Guthrie every now and then, or on special assignments), while also continuing to host her daily show on MSNBC).

NBC coughed up some big dollars to draw Kelly from Fox News, where she was making a reported $10 million to $12 million a year. Now at NBC, she’ll be earning between $15 million and $20 million annually, according to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. So they obviously want to get their money’s worth. By comparison, Matt Lauer is paid over $25 million a year. Both Roker and Hall are said to be earning less – in the single-digit millions.

Once again, NBC has yet to comment on the above reports.


  1. This is going to backfire for NBC…bigly. Kelly shows a lack of empathy for working class people, and I’m not sure who her audience is outside of older male FOX News viewers. If anything it just shows that all corporate news shows are pretty much the same, with slight differences.

    • Why change something that works so beautifully. I’m such a fan of Tamron and Al but if she leaves the show I’m done. I have watched the today show for years and been there through the changes of different host. Not all I agreed with. This will be it for me.

      • I totally agree with this person. I too have watched this show and NBC today show for many years. I don’t want to see Tamron or AL replace, as they have stayed the course for many years. I didn’t like when Ann was let go and now if Tamron goes, I to may look for another station….I know, Big NAMES talk and if that’s the case, shame on who ever makes these decision.

      • Why do you keep getting rid of the only good parts of today show and today’s take. I’m so tired of being disappointed by NBC!!! You are only hurting the network.

        • Your actions speaks for you. NBC doesn’t know us are care. Fox is not news and Kelly was with them. Has Trump got your number?

      • Please don’t take today’s take with Al Roker and Tamron Hall. Love them. They make the show. Kelly is cold and doesn’t draw view’s. Please dont

      • I just can’t believe this…sad…Tamron will be missed so much..Somebody messed up

      • I agree with u…im such a fan of Al and tampon and sad I can’t watch them on the show anymore

    • I will not be watching…her pesonality does not fit that morning crew at all.. they are all light and have a great sense of humor and they all have great chemistry with one another… Fox News was more her style .. which I do not watch at all .. happy for her as a female having such a great opportunity.. not happy with NBC .. I loved Tamron and Al..

    • “not sure who her audience is outside of older male FOX News viewers.”
      Couldn’t agree more. And she’s very hard on women and has little empathy for us as a group, in general. …If Meredith Viera and Katie Couric, two much more likeable personalities, couldn’t make it as soloist daytime hosts, why would anyone think that Kelly could?

      NBC might as well have burned a pile of money. This show will be off the air within two years.

      • Did they conveniently forget that she claimed Santa Claus and Jesus is White. Now your let two Black people go to make room for this racist woman. This is just disgusting.

        • This is certainly going to backfire. Al Roker will be fine. To hire a woman and pay her 20 million a year. That’s crazy. Tamarin Hall is a class act and she will bounce back with something bigger and better.

          • “To hire a woman and pay her 20 million a year” why because she’s a woman? Chauvinistic much? Amazing that a woman is worth 20 million dollars?! How can that be?! Maybe because she had to fight her way thru law school then to continue fighting throughout her career? I’ve seen it first hand how male doctors treat female doctors as inferior. Ms Hall was entertaining to some. But remember she ran off her female co-worker because she wanted more air time. That’s not how women should treat other women.

            • Oh please nina!!!.tamron suffered on today because of her black beauty, intellect and deliverance. Matt couldn’t stand it and was intimated by her!!! She was a threat to all. She couldn’t even be savannah’s back up in peace because of the others whining about Why Tamron? Next thing you know Hoda is next to matt. So happy she removed herself from that white misery! She know that she is better and rather be jobless than stay with that crew any longer! Tamron is phenomenal and a class act! She will return to TV! With big ratings!! Your lost NBC! I NO LONGER WATCH!

              • Totally agree with all. You must remember this is not new with NBC, Remember Ann Curry!? SHE wasn’the pretty enough and too old so goodbye.And in comes airhead Savanah. She was a very poor replacement for Ann. And now Tamryn and AL. You never hear a word of Ann. I hope that doesn’the happen with Tamryn and AL. There was another NBC journalist Chuck (can’take remember last name). He was an investigative reporter and doing well. They spoke of promotion even spoke of promoting him until he had an affair. I don’the condone that, but it was between him and his wife, not NBC. He was fired immediately. Why don’the they get rid of Matt Lauer. He had an issue with his that was quickly squashed. She got a restraining order against him for a while. The article went on to say he was very strange in his personal life.Why didn’the they fire him like they did Chuck. Can’the stand him OR Savanah. In summary (sorry for this litany). Lot of anger bottled up. I, too am done with NBC. Only one I can stand is Hoda, but not watching. Hoping they fall hard for all the good people they let go and hurt!

        • Stop such stupid remarks. I am NOT a Megyn Kelly fan, but to call her racist is WRONG. You took it all out of context. It’s people like YOU who keep throwing stones. You must be a very unhappy person to state such heinous, false things under anonymity because you would never have the courage to say them face to face to her. Obviously YOU are a loser! How did that feel? I don’t know you, except for the stone you threw and now I threw one back! That makes us BOTH losers!!!!!

          • “Birds of a feather”. Have you ever heard of that statement?. Megyn Kelly has been working for, associating with and standing up for the racist Fox News machine for a long time. She obviously believes their ideology. So yes, it is truly safe to say that she is a racist. She is a lilly white, entitled woman who never tried to understand the plight of anyone else, woman or man, who has a slightly darker pigment than she does. If you feel so differently, please , share your examples of her showing compassion for other races. I must have missed those segments.

    • I watch and/or tape Today’s Take and KLH and enjoy very much.i do not like Megan Kelly as she is harsh, loud mouthed and shows no empathy. Disappointed you are thinking of moving KLH and removing Take. I will not watch Megan. Probably move to Kelly Ripa’s show if this happens.

    • Continue to spend your millions but loose your loyal fans NBC. I believe it just goes to show that your network continues to decline in viewer popularity!! Hope Kelly brings you forward with the MILLIONS you are paying her.

    • Dont care for Megan Kelly…love Roker and Hall. Will start watching the other morning show. Goodbye Today Show.

    • This is the consequence of our (i.e. Black Americans) having not effectively used the fruits of integration to develop a significantly competitive economic base and businesses that would and could be an attractive revenue making alternative to NBC and etc…for extremely talented blacks like Al and Tamron.

      • I so agree AL and Tamron such a breath of fresh air on Today’s Take. Big mistake. Does it take Sexy Kelly to bring in big bucks to NBC, not at all interested her take on any day..

    • You are making a big mistake, Today Show management. Tamron and Al are the best. Why mess with success?

    • Keep Rocker.im still upset about Ann Curry.Dont know if I can take Kelly,too in love with her self.so what’s next,Hoda and Cathy lee……this shake up sucks.stoped watching the news because of trump,going to go back to the good old days with no tv,back to books. What’s happening in this world,it’s all falling apart.

    • Wow,guess my intuition on Kelly is even worse than I predicted ,after I scrolled,down I couldn’t believe people’s opinion of her.she does have trump similarities when you think of it.OMG just what we need, a female trump,what a year we are going to have…..not going to take it any more.

      • Megan talked down anything that wasn’t fox, loved the shovinest men, but now , wants to be on a main stream talk show , because her old boss actually let her know how she really didn’t matter , so you get rid of two african Americans , that were really great / this move is puzzling, but maybe not/ time to move on /for all who don’t like it , don’t watch/ and let the station feel what public backlash feels like!

    • Bring back TAMARON. We love her and Al. If it ain’t broke don’t fix. Guess I will change channel

      • I switched to ABC, when Anne Curry left. Love TODAYS TAKE, The show and host make me HAPPY!!!!

    • I agree…while I did not like Tamron on Today, she was excellent on MSNBC. Also, Megan Fox is too stern and a FOX alumna…DANGEROUS! I Understand, If either Al or Savannah go, so go I.

    • Al Roker and Tamron Hall are light hearted–no deep thinking discussions here. Kelly is a good journalist and digs out facts and asks good questions but when you are rushing around the house and getting ready for the things on your to-do list or going to work, you like light banter rather than heavy issues. ABC has a mistake when they have Al Roker/Tamron Hall and then Cathy Gifford and Hodo back to back. Two shows with people with low energy subjects and not deep thinkers–I would say get rid of the two women who are alcoholics and chatting about themselves and their problems and unaware of what is going on in the world around them. Tamron adds a person with a different skin color who is poised and polished and represents what is missing from so many morning shows. She can guide Al so he isn’t so crass and saying things in poor taste.

      • Lol, I’ve often thought they are just entertaining themselves. Like this show when it was a news show; hasn’t been that for yrs! Can’t agree about Tamron she threw a co-worker under the bus. Can’t ever forgive someone who doesn’t help their fellow females to rise up. Shame on her; she’s got what she deserved.

    • This show has been a big part of my morning routine for quite some time and I must say that if the producers suggest that Meghan Kelly should replace Al Roker or Tamron Hall then they certainly are not in touch with their viewers. Diversity is extremely important and it represents the viewers. However, this is not just about diversity…these two are good at their jobs!

    • I won’t be watching that’s for sure! I loved Tamron & Al….they made my morning!!!! There goes you’re ratings down the toilet. Being GREEDY doesn’t pay. Bring back Tamron & Al!

    • The world is full of color, it’s getting white and blond, and now we have choices, I will be leaving NBC @ MSNBC they do not respect, the host that has brought so much joy and inclusion.

    • I think this is a big mistake I have watched the today show for as many years as I can remember I used to watch Good Morning America, but I love Al Roker as well as Matt Lauer.. Love Hoda and Jenna but . I do not like Kathy Lee at all so if you are keeping her and letting others go to make room for Megan Kelly BIG BIG MISTAKE, I like many others are not happy I know NBC has also been considering dropping Days of Our Lives for Mega Kelly….. I plan to boycott anything she does as she has hurt way too many people .. Guess I had better get back to watching GMA.. I WILL NOT watch Megan Kelly… somethings are just not acceptable like running havoc like Al Roker , you have already gotten rid of Tamrin Hall in a very bad way like you did Ann Curry I should have dropped NBC after that.. You have no class NBC none at all you treat good people that have been so loyal all of us viewers and the part of our exteneded family we spend a great deakl of time with eveyday Al Roker, Ann Curry ,Tamrin Hall, , Natilie Morales.. and yes even Billy Busch, he got a raw deal because of that scum trump…… I along with a group of friends will not be watching all of these horrible changes I hope Megan is not worth it for all of the loves you have messed with send her back to Fox.. I am sure my comments will be ignored as well as all of the others I know you are getting GMA will be getting a big boast in rating

    • bad move,do not like her will not watch,whoever is making these changes,need to leave. will miss today’s take! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE TODAY SHOW??,?

    • I completely agree! What demographic do they think their reaching with Megyn Kelly?? I’m a loyal Today Show watcher, 15+ years now, and I will no longer watch whatever hour they have her on and depending on how often they throw her in on the Lauer/Guthrie timeslot I might be jumping ship entirely! TODAY always felt like they had the whole family dynamic going… Not sure HOW Kelly fits in that vibe, other then kill it 🙁

    • I’m kinda glad they got rid of tamron hall. It’s almost like she was kissing ass to stay. She’s not worth what you pay her. But al!!!!! Plz do not get rid of al. If it isn’t broke, why try to fix it.

    • That’s for sure! Al is Today history like Willard Scott was! I’m royally pissed!!

    • When al leaves i will quit watching after tamra left i started watching other channels not a kelly fan at all husband and i will say goodbye

    • Tamron gone I’m done I could be in a bad day and she would change that y’all are making a huge mistake letting her go.

    • We likewise will seek another morning show! Not interested in either replacement program! Shot yourself in the foot NBC!

    • I agree. She’s two faced and only cares about herself. I will
      NOT watch her!!!! She talks out of both sides of her mouth. Awful ! Let Trump
      Have her their both liars and ego maniacs. God Bless America. Deport them to Russia.

  2. I love Al Roker and Tamryn Hall. I hope their hour, Today’s Take, isn’t cancelled!

  3. Since Megan Kelly is being added to NBC’s lineup of numerous white women anchors why move The lone black woman out to make room for Kelly.? Tamron Hall is 10 times more talented than Savannah Guthrie, Hoda, and Kathie Lee. Tamron Hall is one of TV’ New’s best talents.

    • Tamron is not the sole black woman on Today. Hoda is black. Her family is Egyptian. She identifies herself as black.

      • …and Ghost, she looks “black”. It’s odd because if you goggle her family, she does not look like her father or her mother. Her hair is the same texture and she does have their facial features but her skin tone is darker than everyone in her family. But I don’t know if she identifies herself as “black”. Her first husband was without question, an Egyptian… facial features included. Now she dates a white man. I know, many black women date white men, but everything about her life except her dark skin speaks to a “white” culture. For instance, she was the keynote speaker at her alma mater for the 2008 Virginia Tech graduation and in her speech, played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” over her iPod. What black woman (that you know) does that?

    • A small correction, Hoda is not a “white” woman. The following was taken from her book

      There was a day in Greenville, Mississippi, that didn’t really surprise me, but it did startle me. I was twenty-one, working as a television news reporter at the CBS affiliate, making a call on a pay phone. An older black woman walked up to me in the phone booth, cupped my face in her hands, looked into my eyes, and asked, “What is you?”
      There it was. The question. People have asked it in one form or another for most of my life. Always, the answer in my head is: I’m just me. But I don’t mind. I get that my name and my appearance require an explanation. So, here it is.

      I am Egyptian.

      So is my name, Hoda Kotb.

      What? Rhoda? Yoda Kotba? I’ve even had…Photo Copy?

      My name has always triggered a guessing game. Is it pronounced Kotbeeeeee? Isn’t there a vowel missing?

      Both of my parents were born in Egypt. And believe it or not, Hoda Kotb is actually the Jane Smith of the Nile. If you walk down the streets of Cairo and yell “Hi, Hoda!” a dozen girls will turn. Over there, I am every girl. Here, I’m unique. And I like that.

      And I like her too. If I had to pick the most humble and real of all the hosts, she’s get my vote. Tamron… I can do without. Cathy lee? I don’t know what she brings to the table. Al is simply (sad but true) the token. Seriously, what does he really bring to the program?

      Anyway, 4 hours of rehashed gossip and how to cook sh*t that you will never cook, was a bit too much. But the Bionic Woman (15 million worth) is a surprise move. I mean, damn, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie money on top of hers is a mountain of money! I didn’t know daytime advertising could cover that. Then I did a little math. By my calculations Matt Lauer receives about $50,000.00 per hour. That’s fifty thousand dollars per hour. Now, although daytime advertising fees are not like the Super Bowl’s, a network can raise some nice money in 16-18 minutes.

      Anyway, I don’t think Megan Kelly will be kissing babies,sipping wine and telling stale jokes (ala Hoda and Kathie Lee) in the morning for her money. NBC must be trying to find a way to get in on that Trump money. Every day that man is showing his ass… and people and networks are making big money talking about his nasty dumb ass and what silly mess he did “yesterday”. Enter Megan Kelly in a time slot coming soon.

        • It looks like we are about to lose (THANK GOD) a stupid white token president.

          But to your question, sorry to say, sad but true, in those morning time slots, that is about it. Hey, most of the other comments are essentially saying the say thing without saying it. In fact, I didn’t say it, you did. But again, if it walks like a duck….

          Besides, it’s not a bad gig if you can get and not screw it up. Now speaking of screwing up a good thing. You know the saying… you can take a stupid white fool out of the out house of ignorance, but you can’t take the ignorance out of the stupid white fool. Well, it looks like the poster child for that saying may have made the wrong ignorant back-room deal. Trump done busted his head by making his move too soon with the Russian mafia, aka Putaataa and the boys.

          Yep, the powers that be are gonna squeeze the shit out of the General until he cries “Donald Trump told me to do it”.

    • Gail King is on CBS in the morning & damn good. She is a great option. CBS is not as “light” however I think better than all the rest!

    • No she’s not. She’s annoying to say the least. The others are great and entertaining . Don’t put Megan Kelly in anyone’s place.

  4. I will not watch this show love the today show esp.hoda and Kathy but get rid of Megan kelly

  5. Tamron hall you will come back bigger and better. This is just a case because you are in contract negotiations. You are so talented

    • It would be better to get rid of one of Lauer’s hours. He is annoying. You are getting rid of the good areas of the show. I won’t be watching Megan Kelly

  6. I like Megan Kelly because as a female she stood up to Trump. I love Tamron she’s smart and is not afraid to stand up to the best including Trump. She will probe you until she gets an answer. I love Roker because he just completes the show. Let’s just keep everybody.

    • Stood up then kissed his ass. She talks out of both sides of her mouth. She’s awful. Deport the two of them to Russia. God Bless America..

  7. NBC gets more and more right leaning. Keep it up, and you’ll lose me to everything you put on TV! Matt Lauer with Hillary, the Bush girls always on, Billy Bush with Trump…………and now, Megan Kelly, from Fox News.

    • I anticipate that this will continue to be the trend, given the far right move of the government. During the Obama Administration, networks added more diverse and progressive voices to the dialogue. I foresee a great rollback, and fewer on air faces of color for news programming on major networks.

      • I agree with your prediction. Looks like web broadcasts & subscriptions (e.g. News One Now) are an increasing possibility.

      • never mind fewer on air faces of color. soon we will be forced to watch what those racists want us to watch. hitler days are coming. trump’s picks will make sure of that. bad times are coming. we have to revolt this evil.

      • You knew this would happen with the election of Donald Trump. Oh by the way NBC Trump became President and Billy Bush lost his job. Hook Luck NBC

        • Someone finally said it; I’ve been saying it for months. Billy Bush became the scapegoat. Again NBC needs to wake up.

  8. Wait, Wait, wait Hold up! have any of us forgotten that Kelly has no respect for people of color NONE! She constantly branded Black Women as Angry and Black Men have always been Guilty even if it was proven we were home eating a sandwich! NBC. Now you want to go for the Klu Klux Klan Audience.

    • You got it RIGHT! Where do you think NBC got the extra money to hire Kelly? After the Meetup with Trump she was on TV smiling. Let’s pay attention to what’s really going on.

    • So true! Doesn’t anyone else remember her straight-faced assertion that Jesus and Santa Claus (!!!) were unquestionably white? I would never watch her show. Shame on NBC for jumping on the Alt-Right bandwagon.

      • As a long term NBC enthusiast please understand.I will NEVER watch Megan Fox. PERIOD!

  9. OMGOSH! !! I love love love Tamron and Al. They are real people. Tamron is always so bubbly and just makes me smile. And let’s not forget her fantastic fashion sense. She’d probably look great in a gunny sack. And Al is always the best at what he does. You better up their salaries and give them higher profile jobs. Maybe you could keep Savanah on permanent maternity leave and put Tamron in her spot.
    I’ve been watching Today since I was a little girl. Don’t ruin things now.
    and while we’re talking, Tamron, you can send me all your old clothes. (I’m sixty and know what looks good.) Maybe, you could sneak into Savanah ‘ s dressing room and give her a little help. You make me smile every day. Love your attitude.

  10. What is happening here?!!! I am a big fan of Al and Tamron. Our TV is set for 11pm news and when I wake I am turning on Today. I am hooked and can’t imagine the show that will be hosted by Megan Kelly as a satisfactory substitute. I will be inclined to watch the other networks or shut the TV off. Leave Al and Tamron and the Today show cast be. They are all great!

  11. I have been a fan of the Today Show since I was a teenager, 30 plus yrs now. However, I will no longer watch this show if this change is implemented. Why fix something that’s not broken? Give Kelly a show on MSNBC…she doesn’t need to be on a morning program. Leave Tamron & Al in place…we need all the fun & positivity we can get to start our day!!

  12. Wow, I am amazed at the narrow minds of people. Do we not value the options of others even if we disagree? That is the beauty of America. We can be liberal,conservative, or somewhere in between and still have a voice. Not all conservatives are racist and nor are all liberals. Appreciate the country we live in and the people next to you. Hollywood has no clue about the world the average American lives in.

  13. This is my prediction, she lasts one year and they let her leave saying that it was her idea .

  14. She, Kelly, is a snake in the grass but then NBC is also a Trump hater so they deserve her.

  15. Let’s be real clear here. Kelly is a Trump hater only for her own personal reasons. She is not a Trump hater cause of his racist views and ongoing methods of divisiveness. She would be a deep staunch supporter and lover of Trump if it was just about his extreme racist views.

  16. I stopped watching the Today Show after 20 years when tamoron hall started being a bigger part of the show. She is rude, vulgar, stupid and arrogant

    • No Ron the mentioned adjectives would be you! Stupid, vulgar, rude, arrogant! And of course a Moron!! Tamron is one well rounded intelligent woman! You could never full her shoes not even half way! I hope that she and Michelle Obama have a show on OWN NETWORK! What a power house that would be!

  17. I remember cheering Tamron on when she took on Trump supporter Scott Baio for his racist, disrespectful comments about First Lady Michelle Obama. She held her ground despite some boos from the Today Show crowd. I’ve always liked her and I’ve enjoyed seeing two POC connected to their culture hosting the third hour of Today. I won’t be watching Megan Kelly.

  18. Bad decision. I do not like Megan Kelly. I watch today show each morning. Guess I will watch another station.

  19. I like Tamron and AL, but usually turn off their hour because it is boring. It lacks something. Kelly has a huge following both male and female. If you don’t think she has the personality for thisale then you haven’t watched her. She has a fun side and the reporter side. I’m annoyed she left Fox.

  20. A few years ago I stopped watching the Today Show, however, briefly I’ve seen some of Today’s Take with Tamron Hall & Al Roker. In my honest opinion I think it’s a complete waste of time with useless information. I find Tamron to be annoying & rather full of herself. Perhaps Megan Kelly will be a good replacement for NBC.

  21. I have watched the Today show DAILY including weekends for almost 30 years. I always thought 4 hours was way to much.(Don’t watch KL&H) BUT it’s refreshing to see Al and Tamron be themselves in the 3rd hr. I LOVE Tamron. She is a wonderful representation of a sucessful black woman. I WILL NEVER watch Megan Kelly. She definately doesn’t represent or speak for, or to, ME.

  22. The unemployed, those on welfare, the sick ‘n shut in, retirees and lazy bums comprise the early daytime audience. Sorry, but their voice and buying power is limited because of their fixed incomes.

    That’s why the networks have 3-4 hours of “fluff” entertainment such as KL & H, Al and Tamron. And Al has always been the fill in man, aka diversity token. So why is big money contract Megyn Kelly moving in?

    What’s the other networks showing (and their ratings) during her new hour(s)? That answer will undoubtedly tell us more about why she has been chosen more so than any mentioned thus far.

    I think they might be trying to capture viewers prior to the pivotal lunch time hours.

    • You do know people that work watch the Today show too? Hospital, offices, and a little thing called recording help people watch the show, so to devalue it to those you seem to abhor, is incorrect.

  23. I’m totally upset as well. If it’s not broken then why would you change it. It’s sad how you have two reporters that’s been there for years and what I’m saying they were good at it. To me I personally think it does have to do with race. Like that simple minded suppose to be president he sure is trying to make it white again. Only thing I’m saying is be careful cause it could come back to bite you in the butt

  24. I will not watch Meghan she is not likable and has nothing to say I want to hear. I like Tamron and AL they are awesome.

  25. I work from home and part of my daily morning routine is the Today Show with all the crew and Todays Take with Tamron and Al. I was really glad when Billy Bush was gone and disappointed when Willie left. Now, if you make changes then I will have to make changes also. I will have to change to watch cable while I work because NBC was the only news show I watched. Meghan could have stayed at Fox for all I care and you could have saved a lot of money or gave Tamron a better paying role. Why fix something that was not broken. That’s is usually the down fall of something that was good. BAD move on the person who thought this was a good move. SMH 🙁

  26. I stopped watching the Today Show when Ann “left”. I willbe tttally done with NBC after this.

  27. Seriously?? I guess I will have to change the channel as Tamron Hall and Al Roker are the best and make me smile everyday. I am not happy!!

  28. Who’s bright ideal was this, the New Administration? Get rid of the Blacks on the major networks. it sucks. I have always watched the today show.
    But you just lost me as a viewer. I’m protesting this.
    Please rethink this and keep Al and Tamron on air.
    Find another spot for her maybe the 7:00 am will better suit her.

  29. I absolute loved today’s take with roker and hall it was at its best with Natalie and Willis along I was ok with Natalie moving on and really sad when Willie left. Bush did not fit in. Mercifully he was let go. I think you are making a huge mistake with Megan Kelly. To early for her style and hopefully she won’t try to replicate other morning anchors. Give her 10:00 need a little more serious news at that time Hoda and Kathy Lee would be great at 11:00 going against all the sad game shows. Think it would add to nbc’s ratings

  30. I will definitely be moving on from NBC. Al Roker and Tamron Hall and the rest of the morning team are the best.

  31. I don’t know who Megan Kelly is, but if the people reject her, then why bother bringing her on? Hey, it’s your ratings that’s plunging minute by minute because of poor recruiting decisions. We love TH?????????!!!!

  32. This is political and racist! There is NO way people way people want Megan Kelly as you can see by all posts. I can’t wait to find out the real reason Tamron Hall left. I’m sure this story is much bigger than Al’s “TAMRON HSLL HAS DECIDED TO LEAVE NBC”

  33. Yep, I’m out, too! Tamron and Al were a fabulous team and Today’s Take was reason I continued to stay on that channel. I wish Tamron all the best for something bigger and better and am sure NBC will regret this decision!! You go girl!

  34. I aLao agree with everyone else. I’ve been watching the Today show for over 20 years and seen many changes but can’t understand why Roker and Tamron are being replaced. They bring deversity to this nation. Not sure if I’ll watch the today show any longer.

  35. I also agree with everyone else. I’ve been watching the Today show for over 20 years and seen many changes but can’t understand why Roker and Tamron are being replaced. They bring deversity to this nation. Not sure if I’ll watch the today show any longer.

  36. Al & Tamron have been awsome to make u smile every moring lots of engery there great to wake up to. Today U stink! u dont care about ur Great Team, no one want to see more policial bull that early want to smile. channel 4 NOT WATCHING ANYMORE stick ur 25 million

  37. We do have choices, and you are making yours more whiter and blond, the world is changing, you got rid of Ann , Tamaron ,All , all people of color,now it’s time to get rid of NBC and MSNBC. Why would you put Greta in our face. Bye Bye

  38. Hello Megan Kelly. GOODBYE Today Show! I’ve watched for years. Now I’m out of here!

  39. Tamron and Al…gave me a place of comfort. This has always been important to me. When horrible things happen in the world or even close to home…you had them to pull you together and give you hope. They are both so real and most of all caring. No other morning show had that. NBC … you did not know what you had… but you will know what you lost…how sad ?

  40. I’m 73 years old and have watched, the today show since Dave Garroway.
    You’ve changed alot of things, in all those years, BUT letting Tamron leave and Megan Kelly come in is a real DUH move. I will NOT watch Megan Kelly, and her really bad attitude. Guess Kelly Rippa will be our new source. Will miss Matt and Al. But can’t except the unplesant Megan Kelly. The joy of a cup of coffee and Matt and AL., is over Sad day in Texas.

  41. I am very disappointed with NBC and will stop it have always felt it was never as fair to minorities as they should be. I have watched this show from the time my 43 year old son went to he first grade but will be looking at another net work during that time. Mores the pity

  42. when today’s take was w/ Natalie, Willie, Al & Tamron it was a good show but you screwed it up right after the Olympics..I don’t know who the idiot was, but they should be fired. The show is not longer worth watching

    • I agree w/ this person. Who ever made these changes really screwed up. I have watched the Today Show since I was in 7th grade but not anymore.

  43. I usually have a few minutes to spare every morning so I looked forward to watching Roker and Hall. I can’t read hearts so I can only guess what their true motive was. Hall seems honest, down to earth and human, beautiful but similar to the rest of us. I have friends that act like her, so it the mornings seemed familiar and cozy. I believe it’s time for me to go to GMA . I’m disappointed and as Dylan said: Times Are Changing, no how he wanted though.

  44. Here we go again! Another loved, fun woman taken off the Today Show. I stopped watching for a year when Ann was removed. The network said the same as they’re saying now. She’ll do special assignments, etc & it’s rare to see her! She was fantastic!! Then Natalie was gone & now Tamron!! All the men stay; isn’t that interesting! NBC needs to wake up & smell the roses! Woman are not disposable!!!!!!!

  45. I agree with the others voicing the opinion not to change Tamron and Al. It will make it easier to turn off the TV now or change the channel. It is sad how people who bring joy with their presence get the boot because of money deals..

  46. We won’t be watching Megan at all! Tamron was so great with Al. Tamron, we will miss you and shame on you NBC!!

  47. I’m so sad to learn that Tamron and Al will be getting let go as daily hosts on the TODAY SHOW. The show has not been the same since they have been off of it. It is now quite mundane..boring….and not at all entertaining or interesting/ attention grabbing.
    And learning…. Megan Kelly is coming aboard.. is just so nauseating.. if I wanted to watch her.. I would be a FOX FAN… Which. ..I’M NOT !!!!!!! She has NOOOOOO personality, LACKS humor, and she is liking watching….A MECHANICAL …BORING… RIGID….ROBOTIC…… LIFELESS…..piece of…. MACHINERY!
    NOT SOMEONE I WANT TO WATCH…TO LAUGH WITH, TO BRING LIGHT TO MY DAY, TO GIVE ME A BURST OF JOY TO my day…there’s already. .tooooo much DRAMA.. .in the world!

  48. That’s terrible! How disrespectful to the today show cast. I love today’s take. It’s too bad that you have to replace it. I won’t be watching the new show. What a shame!

  49. Not sad to see Tamron go. Not a fan of hers; didn’t enjoy her flirty banter at Al. Love Al however. He is great! Was glad Al did not reciprocate her seemingly playful advances.

  50. What a mistake bringing Megan Kelly in on the today show. Al and Tamron Hall was doing a beautiful job. Not a fan of Megan Kelly AT ALL,
    Therefore moving to another station. NBC is going to lose a lot of followers I’m afraid. I’m gone!!!

  51. I have always been a fan of Al and Tamron I thought they were professional and genuine, I really don’t know why NBC would replace such a great talent as Tamron Hall for a nit wit that none of my friends and I want to see, so as with all of the comments above and all in my contact list will never watch Megan Kelly because of her racist views and your treatment of Tamron.

  52. Nobody wants a Fox mouthpiece on a respectable network! Will no longer watch, was my favorite morning show!

  53. I already changed the channel… by by today. You treat people bad. Shame on you.

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