Trailer Premiere: ‘Just a Couple’ (New BBC Three Sitcom About the Ups & Downs of a Millennial Relationship)

"Just a Couple"

“Just a Couple”

Below, check out a trailer for an upcoming new BBC Three short-form digital comedy series created and written by Sebastian Thiel, titled “Just a Couple,” which follows millennial couple Mark and Shavon, and the trials and tribulations they face in a modern world of social media, “Netflix Cheating” and more as experienced by two young people who love each other.

In 2013, we featured British writer/director Thiel’s 4-part web series, “Adots Apprentice,” a parody of Mark Burnett’s “The Apprentice” reality TV show franchise; we also highlighted his spoof of the comedy cult classic “Friday” titled “Friday UK.”

BBC Three’s “Just a Couple” isn’t a parody or spoof, however.

Michael Salami and Frieda Thiel star as the couple, Mark Johnson (who spends most of his time climbing out of holes he’s dug himself into) and Shavon Scantlebury (who sees both her partner Mark and their relationship like projects, which she likes).

The six-part series is produced by Big Talk Productions, and is set to be broadcast on BBC Three’s YouTube channel and website in weekly installments, starting this Thursday March 9th at 11am.

Below is the trailer for “Just a Couple.”


  1. I think Most people don’t know what millennials are. Most millennials are in their 30s and late 20s. While people connect that generation to teenagers or very early 20s, um that’s generation Z.

  2. I hope Mark isn’t as corny of a character when you watch a full length episode as he is in the trailer. Shavon seems interesting though. Could possibly be as much of a wild card as Mark, but I want to have faith in a show about Black love.

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