Let Us Know About Any Black Cinema, TV, Web Series-Related Events Happening in Your City (Global Call)


Instead of individual posts, we plan to start publishing single weekly compiled announcements of black cinema, TV and web series related events happening around the world. We already do that to some degree, however, the bulk of the information we receive are for events in either New York City or Los Angeles. Granted both cities tend to be where much of the industry exists and thrives, but surely there are film/TV/web series screenings, conferences, panel conversations, talks, etc, happening all over the country, whether in a typical theatrical setting or on a college/university campus, on a rooftop, or elsewhere entirely, and that are open to the public.

This doesn’t include film festivals, since we already have those on our calendar.

So if you’re involved in the production of any live black cinema/TV/web series events happening anywhere in the world, please let us know so we can spread the word on this blog and our social media pages. Send an email to obensont@gmail.com with all the necessary information. Each weekly post will be published on Thursday mornings, so make sure you get your information in before the Thursday of whatever the current week is, for events taking place through the following Thursday. So if your event takes place this Friday through next week Thursday, you would send in the information by 11:59PM EST tomorrow, Wednesday.

Any questions, send them to obensont@gmail.com as well.

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