We Spoke to Director Sam Pollard About His PBS Documentary ‘The Talk – Race in America’ Which Premieres Tonight, Feb. 20

Sam Pollard, director and supervising producer, "The Talk – Race in America" (Credit: © LaMont Hamilton Photographic Imaging)

Since our journey began in this country, parents of Black and brown children have had very frank and often chilling conversations with their offspring about encounters and interactions with law enforcement. While many police officers honor their code; others wield… Continue Reading

Chatting w/ Orlando Jones & Director Kevin Hooks About BET’s ‘Madiba’ & Uncovering Nelson Mandela (Premieres Tonight)

Still from the miniseries, "Madiba". (Photo: Marcos Cruz)

There have been many films and documentaries about Anti-Apartheid leader and South African President Nelson Mandela’s expansive life. However with BET’s EPIC three-part miniseries, “Madiba,” viewers will finally get a comprehensive and personal story of the man who became a… Continue Reading

Interview: Raoul Peck on His Oscar-Nominated ‘I Am Not Your Negro,’ Encountering James Baldwin & Confronting America (Premieres Feb. 3)

Raoul Peck

In his spellbinding and heartbreaking Academy Award nominated film, “I Am Not Your Negro,” Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck examines the story that James Baldwin never finished writing. “Remember This House” was to be a sweeping narrative exploring the lives, journeys,… Continue Reading

Sundance Review: ‘Tell Them We Are Rising’ Underscores the Legacy & Importance of Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Firelight Media

To this day, education is not an inherent right. The effects of segregation are still deeply steeped in the Black community, and unless there is careful nurturing within the family home or by some particularly devoted educators, many Black people… Continue Reading

Interview: Director Chris Robinson & Cast of BET’s ‘New Edition Story’ Talk Becoming NE, Authenticity & All That Dancing


The iconic musical group that shattered records and broke down doors is finally getting a biopic that has been nearly thirty years in the making. BET‘s “The New Edition Story” follows the legendary R&B group from their 1978 humble beginnings… Continue Reading