‘Too Black to Be French’ Explores Colonial Past, Race and Persistence of Racism in France Today


From French-Ivorian filmmaker Isabelle Boni-Claverie comes a new documentary titled “Too Black to be French,” which explores the role of race and the persistence of racism in France, as well as the impact of the country’s colonial past, soliciting anonymous individuals to speak… Continue Reading

‘Wilmington on Fire’ (Documentary on 1898 Coup d Ètat of African-American Community) Black History Month DVD + Streaming Specials; Makes West Coast Debut at PAFF

Wlimington BHM '17 discount

  Director Christopher Everett’s documentary “Wilmington on Fire” continues its film festival journey throughout 2017, and for those eager to watch it immediately, you can also view it on DVD or Vimeo right now. “Wilmington on Fire” is a feature-length… Continue Reading

Trailer Premiere: Upcoming Ambitious Documentary Explores History of Blackness in Speculative Fiction


A new look (trailer) at an upcoming, much-anticipated, ambitious feature documentary we’ve been following since this blog was launched, so I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with it by now. It’s a work-in-progress, although getting ever closer to completion,… Continue Reading

‘Slavery By Another Name’ Is Worth Revisiting – Watch the Eye-opening Account of *Lost* American History


Based on the 2009 Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name by Wall Street Journal writer Douglas Blackmon, “Slavery by Another Name” challenges the assumptions that slavery ended with Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. The film tells how even as chattel slavery… Continue Reading

Watch: Deeply Profound ‘The Supreme Price’ (Doc on Move to Increase Participation of Nigerian Women in Leadership Roles)

The Supreme Price""

Abiola was the first democratically elected President of Nigeria in 1993 in nearly three decades, winning the elections with steadfast determination. Decidedly obstinate, believing in the future of Nigeria’s peaceful existence, Abiola demanded productive change—“a smooth transition” from the military… Continue Reading