Three Films Currently in Limited Theatrical Releases That You Can Also Watch at Home Right Now


As the window between a film’s theatrical opening and when it’s eventually available on home video for rent or purchase (DVD, VOD, SVOD, Blu-ray, etc) continues to shorten, some distribution companies are going one step further by releasing their films… Continue Reading

Stream (in the USA) Critically-Acclaimed Ethiopian Post-Apocalyptic Love Story, ‘Crumbs’


Miguel Llansó’s post-apocalyptic, sci-fi romance, “Crumbs” is set in an unspecified period, amid a deserted Ethiopian landscape that is the a result of a “big war.” The resplendent oddity depicts a civilization in which junk of the late 20th century is considered of high value, as we follow the… Continue Reading

Interview: Director Jackie J. Stone Takes on a Competitive Digital Landscape with Enchant TV – A Homeplace for Women of the African Diaspora

Jackie J. Stone

Content creators of today are becoming more and more enterprising, taking full control of their careers – as they should – in an entertainment environment that’s becoming even more challenging and competitive despite, and one could also argue, because of… Continue Reading

Review: The Spotlight Is on Men Who Put Their Roles as Fathers First in Documentary ‘Daddy Don’t Go’ (Father’s Day Release)

"Daddy Don't Go"

As a single mom who has often struggled without the presence of my daughter’s father ( he opted out in her infancy), I’ve admittedly wondered why any father would get accolades for being a dedicated parent, something he SHOULD be… Continue Reading

Solving “The Negro Problem” Using Satire: The ‘Destination’ Interview With Director Kevin Willmott

"Destination: Planet Negro"

  Kevin Willmott, co-writer of Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” (2015) and director of the award-winning mockumentary “CSA: The Confederate States of America” (2004) releases “Destination: Planet Negro!” in June from Candy Factory Films. Willmott wrote, directed and stars in this combination… Continue Reading