10 Former Child Actors And What They're Doing Now
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10 Former Child Actors And What They're Doing Now

Many of the most popular TV shows and films of the past had child actors that we will always remember. From films like Crooklyn and Soul Food, to shows like My Brother and Me and Family Matters, the productions that influenced the childhood of many 80s babies, had young people in them that are all grown up now.

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Some have stayed in acting while others have moved away from entertainment or have pursued another avenue. Take a look at some familiar faces that will surely give you a ‘blast from the past.’

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Zelda Harris

Many may remember Zelda as the adorable, quick witted, and passionate protagonist Troy ‘the boy’ in Spike Lee’s Crooklyn. Since the film, she won several awards, has been on different TV shows and also starred in The Babysitters Club and She Got Game. She went on to graduate from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s from UCLA.   An avid tennis player, pianist and singer, Zelda now leads the group Zelda and the Lolos and performs around California.

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Brandon Hammond

Brandon Hammond played roles in some '90s classics, including Menace to Society and Space Jam, but one of his most memorable roles was that of Ahmad in Soul Food in 1997. Throughout the years, Brandon stayed in entertainment as a writer and director in addition to acting, and is still putting out projects today.

Photo: ABC, Jerod Harris/Getty Images Photo: ABC, Jerod Harris/Getty Images

Parker McKenna Posey 

If you watched Damon Wayans’ My Wife and Kids on ABC, you will remember Parker, who played his adorable youngest daughter. Parker began playing the role of Kady Kyle when she was six and the show ran on ABC from 2001-2005. From there, she continued acting and modeling, and is set to play on the upcoming BET series Games People Play (fka Games Divas Playwith Lauren London and Karen Obilom, premiering later this year. 

Ross Bagley

Photo: NBC/Instagram Photo: NBC/Instagram

Ross Bagley

Ross started acting as Little Nicky on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air at just 4-years-old. He also played Buckwheat in the film adaptation The Little Rascals and the blockbuster hit Independence Day with Will Smith after the show went off. He also provided voice work for The Wild Thornberrys and came back after his acting hiatus to appear in shows such as Providence and Judging Amy. The Los Angeles native went to school at California State University Northridge and earned his Bachelor’s in Cinema and Television Arts. He has a 4 year-old son, Reece, and recently has been DJing shows  around California according to his Instagram, @realdealrossyb.


Photo: 20th Century Fox / Instagram Photo: 20th Century Fox / Instagram

Dee Dee Davis

Working alongside entertainment legend Bernie Mac at the age of 5, Dee Dee Davis got her start playing Bryanna in his hit sitcom for several seasons. Since then, she made guest appearances on Strong MedicineHouse and The Game, but she became more focused on school as the years went on. She recently started a YouTube page with her best friend and has a one-year-old son, Logan.  


Photo: Nickelodeon/Instagram Photo: Nickelodeon/Instagram

Arthur Reggie III

Though short-lived, many people remember Nickelodeon’s My Brother and Me because of it’s relatable content and as the first show with a predominantly Black cast on the network. Though its first and last season ended in 1995, its reruns stayed played until 2000. Arthur Reggie III played the big brother, Alfred ‘Alphie’ Parker. After the show ended, he didn't do much acting after this lead role. He went on to record music and goes by the alias Showbizness. You can check out his mixtapes on iTunes and follow him on Facebook  


Photo: Warner Bros. Television / Instagram Photo: Warner Bros. Television / Instagram

Ashli Amari

Robert Townsend’s classic The Parent Hood was a fond memory in many Black children’s hearts growing up in the '90s. Ashli Amari Adams played the role of Townsend’s youngest daughter, Cece Peterson, throughout the sitcom's run from 1995-1999. Though after she took a break from acting, besides a role in Girlfriends, she went to Cal Arts and graduated with a degree in theatre. Since then she has been in several other shows, making her way back into the industry.


Photo: ABC/CBS Photo: ABC/CBS

Bryton James

When the cast of Family Matters recently got back together for a reunion, many took a second look at the youngest family member, affectionately known as ‘Little Richie,’ as he aged very well. After playing alongside the cast from 1989-1998, the California native has starred on The Young and the Restless as Devon for almost fifteen years. 



Photo: ABC/Getty Images Photo: ABC/Getty Images

Noah Gray Cabey

Most known for his role on My Wife & Kids alongside Posey, Cabey kept super busy after his childhood role. After appearing in the ABC comedy, he successfully transitioned to an adult actor, and went on to have major roles in Heroes and its spinoff, Heroes Reborn. He most recently had a main role in the CBS medical drama, Code Black. Now, he's set to appear in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists with the next person on our list....


Photo: Disney, Frazier Harrison/Getty

Photo: Disney, Frazier Harrison/Getty


Sydney Park

The actress, who first got her start on That's So Raven, also made a solid transition post-Raven, starring in Nick's Instant Mom with Tia Mowry, recurring on The Walking Dead and she'll next star in Freeform's Pretty Little Liars spinoff, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. 

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