1970s Exploitation Action Film 'Ashanti' w/ Beverly Johnson, Coming To Blu-ray DVD In December
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1970s Exploitation Action Film 'Ashanti' w/ Beverly Johnson, Coming To Blu-ray DVD In December

nullNow, with a movie poster like that, aren't you just a little teesy weesy bit curious about seeing it?

No. This is not a new poster for Django Unchained. This is obviously a foreign poster for the 1979 exploitation action film, Ashanti, with former supermodel Beverly Johnson in the lead female role. 

The film had an all star cast: Michael Caine, William Holden, Rex Harrison, Omer Sharif and Peter Ustinov (some trivia: Ustinov's paternal great-grandmother was in fact Ethiopian).playing an evil Arab slave trader

The story deals with a UN doctor, played by Johnson, doing humanitarian work in Africa, who's kidnapped by slave traders, but, as the trailer below shows, eventually winds up as a glamorous kept playmate for Sharif.

But when she's taken, her husband, played by Caine, goes all Liam Neeson-like and spings in heroic fashion to rescue her.

I'm afraid I missed this film when it came out, but, judging from the trailer, it looks like pure 1970's movie hokum but admitedly entertaining in its own way.

And if you're curious, the film is coming out for the first time on standard and blu-ray DVD on Dec. 11 through Severin Films.

I think the trailer below will give you a better sense of what the film is like:

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