Courtney B. Vance & Felicity Huffman Will Play Polar Opposite Political Pundits Who Fall in Love in ‘Libby & Malcolm’

Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance

Courtney B. Vance, seemingly on a roll since his acclaimed performance as Johnnie Cochran in FX’s “People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” has booked a starring opposite Felicity Huffman in ABC’s new comedy “Libby & Malcolm.”

The network has ordered a pilot for the potential series which is described as “a blended family show about two polar opposite political pundits who fall in love despite all odds and form an insta-family as well as a work partnership.”

The polar opposite political pundits who fall in love (Libby & Malcolm) will be played by Huffman and Vance. Vance’s Malcolm is described as “a smooth, confident Liberal pundit and father of three kids who arms himself with cold hard facts and an irresistible easy charm that wins over everyone he meets.” He is married to Libby (Huffman), “a strong, brilliant, white Republican who won his heart by knocking him off his feet.” The couple also work together as hosts of a fiery political talk show.

The project, maybe perfectly-timed in light of recent political events, hails from “Black-ish” creator/showrunner Kenya Barris, who is writing along with Vijal Patel. Both will also executive produce with Vance, Huffman and Brian Dobbins.

Vance also recently joined the cast of HBO’s film adaptation of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”; he will be seen on the big screen in Universal’s upcoming “The Mummy” reboot with Tom Cruise, as well as DreamWorks Pictures’ ensemble comedy feature “Office Christmas Party.”

Vance is repped by Gersh, Lighthouse Entertainment and Fox Rothschild.


  1. When I say Felicity Huffman, you say ____________? Now, I’ll say it, here we go again, “diversity 101”. A brotha on a roll on the heels of his acclaimed performance as Johnnie Cochran in FX’s “People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” has signed to play opposite a non-discript white actress whose only claim to fame is her role in “Desperate White Housewife of America”. Yaaaaawn…. somebody call me when an A-List white guy signs to play opposite a buxom chocolate brown black beauty who is a strong, brilliant, black Democrate who won his heart by knocking him off his feet, love at first sight.

    Btw, the only one Felicity Huffman has knock off their feet is William H. Macy, her husband. And, Courtney better not be knockin’ anybodies boots other than his wifes’, Angela Bassett. Anyway, who on earth thought these two would be believable as a married couple?

    • CareyCarey I would have loved to see the gorgeous Angela Bassett or the beautiful Emayatzy Corinealdi in this role instead of the man looking Felicity Huffman! With Kenya Barris behind this, Courtney B. Vance better keep his options open!

      • Well, Kenya Barris is doing the thing over at Black-ish so I don’t understand your shade?

        Anyway, the point I was making is every time a brotha gets to the top of the mountain, they pair him with a white woman. When a white guy has a breakout hit, they don’t put him in the sack with a black chick.

        I know, black love doesn’t sell unless it’s gangster love like Lucius and Cookie Lyons(Empire). But damn, you’d think Kenya Barris got a little pull with his hit “black-ish”. But wait, tell me he’s not married to a white woman, is he?

        But look, I don’t think this series will last a full season. Heck, who’s the target audience?

        • No, Kenya Barris ain’t married to a white woman but his wife is half white! In Hollywood, that’s the next best thing! Don’t be surprise if he leaves his half white for a full white! All these beautiful black women like Emayatzy Corinealdi and he chose Felicity Huffman?

          Black love sells but these sell outs in Hollywood are brainwashed into thinking that being with white will get them somewhere! Cosby show, Martin, Bernie Mac, My Wife and Kids all featured black couples and they did well in the ratings!

          Kenya Barris is the one who wants to turn Good Times into a feature film! That’s why I suggested that Vance needs to keep his options open!
          I love Courtney B. Vance but this show is not where it’s at and sorry won’t be watching!

          • Repeating what I’ve said previously, I didn’t think this series will last more than 1 season, and expect that it might not even last through the whole first season. And again, who’s the target audience? Damn, when are they going to accept the fact that, America… Americans, whites and blacks, by and large, ain’t down with the swirl.

            And last… “but these sell outs in Hollywood are brainwashed into thinking that being with white will get them somewhere! ”

            Well, I don’t know if I’d call it “brainwashed” or a fact. I mean, when I look at of our entertainers, men and women, many have white mates on their arm. I am not saying it’s the right thing to do, but it does not seem to hinder their progress up the ladder.

            “I love Courtney B. Vance but this show is not where it’s at and sorry won’t be watching!” ~ TroubleMaker

            I don’t think S&A’s complaint patrol will give you a ticket, this time. 🙂

            • I don’t know who their audience is and I really don’t care!
              “…many have white mates on their arm…but it does not seem to hinder their progress up the ladder.” But when you look at the top black stars Denzel, Will, Viola and Beyonce, they are all married to black! Even our current President reached the very top with a black woman on his arm!

              • *LOL*… okay, lets go there. Supreme Court Justice Clerence “Sambo” Thomas, Tiki Sumpter, Alfre Woodard, Terrance Howard, Ice T, and David Oyelowo.

                There, it’s your move. All the above have snow in their came and they ain’t starving for roles or gigs. And, I’m just getting started.

                • It ain’t a come up when you go from playing MLK to playing school principal with 2 lines in Interstellar! Just saying! Loretta Lynch Attorney General of the U.S., Angela Bassett, Wendy Williams, Steve Harvey, Snoop Dogg, and Laurence Fishburne,

  2. TroubleMaker, who went from playing MLK to playing school principal with 2 lines in Interstellar!? *lol*

    OKay, more from the B-Team: The grandfather of black actors, Sidney Poitier, The Masters Champion Tiger Woods, Civil Rights activist Harry Belafonte, major movie music composer Quincy Jones, Hall Of Famers Tim Duncan and Scottie Pippens and A-list rapper Kanye West.

    All them boys haven’t done too bad for themselves. And they all like their meat rare.

  3. Watch the film and you will see who I’m talking about! Are you putting together the Z list or where are they now list? When last did Tiger win a Masters? Cos I heard Nike is no longer into golf! What have Sidney, Harry and Quincy done lately? Aren’t Scottie Pippens and Kanye West broke?

    LeBron won his third ring this year! Steph Curry did the same last year! Jim Brown, Oprah, Aretha Franklin, Sam Jackson and Gabrielle Union all bet on black!

    • OUCH! You’re killing me. The Z-list has-beens… LMAO. Btw, Kanye ain’t broke but he just went crazy, yesterday.

      Now I have to reload b/c I’m down to Master P’s son, Romeo Miller *snicker*. But wait, speaking of betting on black, if the IRS didn’t jack with ol’ boy, Wesley Snipes would still be riding high with Betty Crocker on his arm.

      • /It doesn’t surprise me that Kanye went crazy! Isn’t he married to a woman who released her own sex tape to become famous?
        Does Romeo Miller even have a job or does being Master P’s son his job? Wesley Snipes didn’t follow his own advice and bet on black! Homeboy ended up in the prison system for some serious jail time! I wonder if he was cell mates with O.J. “I kill my white woman” Simpson?
        Since you went there, I will add Run from Run DMC and both his daughters. Also, I am going to add some ole skool long lasting black R&B loving to the list i.e. Marilyn McCoo and Bill Davis Jr. Don’t forget before he passed, Nick “ain’t nothing but the real thing”Ashford co-wrote some of the most famous love songs with his queen Valarie Simpson!

        • Ole Skool… now you’ve done it. You’ve forced me to go waaay back to none other than The Champ Jack “I ain’t pimpin’ that’s my wife” Johnson.

          But my trump card is, well, I know why the caged bird don’t sing b/c Maya Angelou married a white guy. Now that my come as a surprise but I can top that. I bet you didn’t know Alice Walker wrote The Color Purple while she and husband Melvyn Rosenman, a Jewish civil rights attorney, would become the first interracial couple to be legally married in the state of Mississippi. BAM! Now pick your lip up off the floor, you opened this ol’ skool door. But wait, didn’t you also open the music door? Well, I can’t help but include that lady who sang the blues Diana Ross. It didn’t hurt her rise to the top when she married her Jim Crow.

          • Most folks born after 1950’s don’t really know who Jack Johnson is! It seems Jack couldn’t get a Rockefeller or a Vanderbilt so he spent all his money on the prostitutes from the streets of North Dakota, Idaho and Vermont!! Yep, good ole Jack was the Tiger “I always get hoes in one” Woods in his day!
            Best believe folks born after 1950’s know that Ali is G.O.A.T.!

            So Maya Angelou is your trump card? Did you know she was raped when she was a child which led her into the “world’s oldest profession!” Her husband could have been one of her clients! Just saying!

            Right black at ya! Toni Morrison got the highest prize…the Noble prize in literature! Not only that but she got the Pulitzer Prize for Beloved! You know how she got her last name? By way of a Jamaican Architect!
            Gladys Knight left on that midnight train to Georgia and her train never swirled off the tracks! Ms. “I am coming out …with a white man” Ross was silenced the day Whitney Houston sang that Bobby Brown “was the greatest love of all!” When Marvin Gaye heard about black folks swirling he sang “what’s going on” then told black folks to leave the swirling and “Lets get it on!” Bam! Black at ya!

            • If most folks born after 1950 don’t know who Jack Johnson is or what his story was, they need to pick up a book or two, but I suspect that they ain’t got no need for fancy book learnin’.

            • Not bad for a rookie. You dropped a couple of goodies.

              But since we’re at a movie blog I’ll throw the pioneer of black snakes moaning on Miss Daisys, the trail blazing Oscar Micheaux.

              Yes sir, everybody knows he was the first African American feature film maker but there was other troubles in his life that O.J, and the other Becky lovers should have learned from.

              Well, he married his snow White, Orlean McCracken. After she got tired of her mandingo she emptied their bank accounts and fled with Jody. Her father sold Micheaux’s property and took the money from the sale. Micheaux felt so foolish and duped, he wrote a book about it The Conquest: The Story of a Negro Homesteader (who got fked). Well, I added that last part but the rest is all true.

              Speaking of Marvin Gaye, I think you got that story a little twissted. See, he’s on my team b/c you know who he was hanging out with overseas, don’t you?

              Anyway, did you say Terry McMillan? Didn’t she write “How Stella Got Her Groove Back”. She didn’t win a Noble prize for that? And, she married a gay man, didn’t she? Now you’re really reaching.

              But in that movie I can shake out Taye “black women are less submissive and harder to deal with” Diggs, and add him to my list.

              Then there’s Tamera Mowry. Eve and Garcelle Beauvais. Moving on up…

              • Who Marvin Gaye may have been hanging out with and playing with isn’t the same as who he married and who he really loved. Gaye had eyes for Tammi Terrell! Gaye married two black women.
                If you really want to go there, I can call out Harry Belafonte and Sidney Pointer who both were married to black women during their reign on top!

                Who mentioned Terry McMillan? I said Toni Morrison who wrote Beloved that Oprah starred and produced!
                Who cares about Taye Diggs when there is Morris Chestnut?
                Then there are Nia Long, Joy Bryant and Regina King!

                • You’re really arguing the merits of Taye Diggs vs Morris Chestnut? Might want to save your ammunition. That hill isn’t worth dying on.

                • **WAVING WHITE FLAG**

                  *LOL*…. yep, I threw Terry McMillian on the pile as a distraction. I was stuck behind the black/eight ball.

                  Yep, you win “sell outs in Hollywood are brainwashed into thinking that being with white will get them somewhere” but De TroubleMaker has laid down the law, beautiful people always bet on and marry black.

  4. I just wish Mariah Carey would make up her mind or just sit down. She was betting on black (and doing pretty good ) until Nick ” Wild ‘N Out” Cannon couldn’t take it no more. Then she starting betting on white with her new billionaire Jim Crow. Then he got tired of her sleeping with the dance crew, so he dropped that baggage

    Damn, I just hope she stops looking for love in all the wrong places and takes your advice. That is, get on that “midnight train that never swirled off the tracks!” That was a good one. It could be the best lines in this thread?

    • Clarification: These lines, best lines, very witty—> “Gladys Knight left on that midnight train to Georgia and her train never “swirled” off the tracks! Ms.Diana “I am Coming Out With A White Man” Ross was silenced (when her daughter ended up on Black-ish with a black man) and when Marvin Gaye heard about black folks swirling he sang “WHAT’S GOING ON!?”. Then told black folks to leave the swirling alone and “LETS GET IT ON!”.Bam!”

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