Watch: ‘Hamilton’ Star Brandon Victor Dixon Appeared on ‘CBS This Morning’ to Address Trump/Pence Backlash Screengrab from Hamilton's Twitter account of Brandon Dixon (and the rest of the cast) speaking out to Mike Pence after he attended the evening's show 11/19/16 Source: Hamilton/Twitter

Screengrab: “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon (and the rest of the cast) addressing Mike Pence after he attended a performance on 11/19

Call me a skeptic, but I think Donald Trump and his inner circle are getting much delight out of all the shock and awe that they continue to elicit from the mainstream press, as well as citizens of this country; and I can’t help but think that it’s all part of some calculated strategy with an end goal that I’m not entirely certain of at this point. Trump may be thought of as a clown by half of the country, but he’s not dumb. And he’s surrounded himself with some intelligent people, like Steve Bannon who allegedly previously said that he’d like to “destroy the state,” to “bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment” – both the Republican and Democratic Parties, as well as the traditional press – and replace them with Tea Party populist goals.

Given all the ugliness that he (Bannon) has been associated with since he became Trump’s chief strategist (during the campaign and after), he certainly hasn’t gone out of his way to challenge or dismiss any of it. Although he hasn’t done the opposite either; so what’s left is a vacuum, a mystery around who he really is and what he really believes and stands for. And I think that’s all by desgin.

All that said, I’m sure you’re all fully aware of the message delivered by the “Hamilton” cast to vice president-elect Mike Pence over the weekend that has drawn a strong response on and off Broadway, from all sides. Via his Twitter account, Trump called the hit musical “overrated” and demanded that the cast apologize. “Hamilton” star Brandon Victor Dixon, who delivered the cast statement, was singled out by Trump in a second tweet, calling him “very rude and insulting.” That tweet was later deleted without a comment or explanation from the president-elect, but the first tweet remains.

It’s not clear to me whether Trump and his inner circle understand the power his words carry, especially given the significance and reach of the office he has now won and will take over in about 2 months. Since his reckless tweets, Brandon Victor Dixon has been the victim of growing bitterly hostile attacks that have, thus far, been contained within the social media sphere, but could potentially pose real threats to his safety, given the kind of language I’ve seen used by Trump supporters filling up his fan pages with some really virulent assaults. Some even found their way into the S&A social media space, as they are apparently searching the web for anything related to Dixon, and are essentially protesting articles written about him – in our case, a recent casting notice for the actor, announcing his joining the cast of Starz’s “Power.”

“Boycott ‘Power’!”, a few have tweeted, while linking to the S&A announcement of Dixon’s casting last month. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I say that it’s unlikely that the average Trump supporter watches “Power” anyway.

But if something were to happen to Dixon – like some racist inspired by the president-elect, actually physically harms the actor – would Trump be held accountable? A man now in a very powerful position who won’t even denounce the rise in hate crimes against minority groups, done in his name, since he won the election; yet he goes after a Broadway musical cast who quite respectfully called on his vice president-elect to recognize their humanity and govern with consideration given to their concerns.

Dixon joined “CBS This Morning” earlier today to address the criticism he’s faced over the entire fiasco, saying that he has nothing to apologize for; he also discussed Lin-Manuel Miranda’s involvement in the process.

Watch the clip below:


  1. N-Words get ready… there’s a train a comin’. All blacks immediately report to stagging areas.

    The above title and link is my response to this latest incident in which many are taking too lightly. Listen, this new administration is nothing to play with. From the appointment of Mr. Bannon and Senator Session, to Mrs Thrump refusing to sleep in the White House (where those black folks lived for 8 years) they are signaling a return to a time in which the government (those soon to be in control) will give the middle finger to people of color… and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Really, think about that.

    This new President elect has time and time again shown to the world that he will do and say anything he pleases because there’s nothing, and no one, who can stop him. Really, think about that. Him and his family are conducting business as usual in “HIS” Trump Towers (not the White House), inviting business partners from around the world. Is that normal behavior for an incoming president? Nope. There’s nothing normal about this man, his business dealings and the questionable people he’s chosing for his team. So I have a question. What if iin his first week in office he again shocks the world with the mandate that all people of color, gays and muslims, should get ready to be relocated. Really, think about that. Click on the link above to see why I believe it can happen. I’m telling you… this group has shown us and told us they are preparing to “taking us back to the good ol’ days”.

    • Thanks Carey! The poet Maya Angelou wisely observed, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.” And Samuel Jackson said “WAKE THE FUCK UP’

      OMG! This was very funny yet very scary and very possible! Who would have thought this man and his platform of white rage and bigotry with narratives of “economic insecurity” would win the White House?

      Stephen Bannon sits at the center of the “alt right” cabal of white supremacists and white nationalists. He is the former editor of the right-wing news propaganda site Under his direction, Breitbart became a clearing house for white supremacist and white nationalist views.

      Bannon is now one of president-elect Trump’s most important advisers and reportedly will serve as his “chief strategist.” With few exceptions, the American corporate news media has willingly participated in the repackaging and normalizing of Bannon’s, and by extension, Trump’s abominable politics. Instead of calling attention to Bannon’s white supremacist and white nationalist beliefs and affiliations, many of the most influential news outlets have deflected and chosen to describe him in far more agreeable terms. In short, the focus of these side issues are luring the public to sleep.

      The poet Maya Angelou wisely observed, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

      And Samuel Jackson said “WAKE THE FUCK UP’

    • I hate people spouting the idea that “nothing and no one can stop him.” He’s just a man and there’s one really definite way to stop him – I think we all know what that is and that there are tons of people ready to do it at the right sign.

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