Weekend Box Office Dec. 9-11 (The Winter Doldrums)


“Office Christmas Party”

O.K. I know we’re not officially in winter yet. That’s still another 2 weeks away, but it sure feels and looks like winter; and unless you’re one of those weird freaks who loves snow and subzero temperatures, it looks like we’re going to be stuck in the winter doldrums for some time to come.

And the same goes for the box office as well. As I mentioned last week, with the exception of a few bright spots here and there, box office totals always go down significantly after Thanksgiving and pick up again during the Xmas/New Years holiday period. Therefore it’s no surprise that overall box office figures this weekend were down substantially, and most titles maintained their positions.

Disney’s “Moana” was again No. 1 with a slight drop of 33 % from last weekend, with $18.8 million; so far, it’s earned $145 million domestically and $238 million worldwide to date. Paramount’s comedy “Office Christmas Party” came a close second with $!7.5 million, which is not bad for a holiday comedy with a non A list cast.

In third place once again is “Fantastic Beasts” with $10.7 million, and just a shade under $200 million total here in the States, and $680 million worldwide. Meanwhile “Arrival” still proves to have legs, coming in fourth again with $5.6 million; and it looks like it’s going to top out at just over $90 million domestically.

As for new films in limited release, the musical “La La Land” opened to huge numbers grossing $171,000 per screen, playing on only five screens, for a total of $855,000, making it far and away one of the biggest, if the not the biggest per screen opening for any film this year – even beating out “Moonlight’s” opening numbers.

Meanwhile, “Loving” has so far grossed $6.5 million playing on just 570 screens.

And speaking of “Moonlight,” it has now hit $10.8 million and looks headed for a domestic gross of $15-16 million, which, when all is said and done, is not a bad figure for an arthouse film with a limited appeal.

This weekend’s top 12 grosses follow below:

1) Moana BV $18,842,000 Total: $145,008,593
2) Office Christmas Party Par. $17,500,000
3) Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them WB $10,785,000 Total: $199,310,903
4) Arrival Par. $5,600,000 Total: $81,451,708
5) Doctor Strange BV $4,631,000 Total: $222,362,446
6) Allied Par. $4,000,000 Total: $35,633,452
7) Nocturnal Animals Focus $3,193,685 Total: $6,219,813
8) Manchester by the Sea RAtt. $3,155,330 Total: $8,325,531
9) Trolls Fox $3,110,000 Total: $145,490,004
10) Hacksaw Ridge LGF $2,300,000 Total: $60,862,448
11) Miss Sloane EC $1,900,000 Total: $2,038,365
12) Almost Christmas Uni. $1,401,730 Total: $40,238,215


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  2. I am curious to know how The Bounce Back did at the box office? I thought it opened this weekend. Office Party may not have had any A listers but it had very well known actors like Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, Courtney B. Vance, Kate McKinnon and Jason Bateman.

    • I just got the numbers to The Bounce Back. It opened in 615 theaters and only made $181,000. Moonlight, Loving, Almost Christmas all took in more money this weekend than The Bounce Back. Both Moonlight and Loving were in less theaters and these two films took in more money than The Bounce Back!

      Lesson here is The Bounce Back was targeted towards black and Latin women but neither came out! Black women are no longer supporting films that are targeted to them but do not include them in the leads! Tyler Perry got this memo and so did his clone David E. Talbert!

      • Naw, they read the memo just refuse to accept the fact. Thinking they can throw black women a bone by having a brown skin daughter in the mix.

        • Black women ain’t fell for that bone! Homeboy couldn’t even bring in a millie this weekend! The same thing happened to Meet the Blacks! The black females didn’t turn out for that also! What happened to the Latin women turn out? A Latina was one of the leads! I guess they too want to see themselves next to a Latin male lead.

          Tyler Perry knows his audience. Even though, some of his audience may not like his films, they turn out to support him on opening weekend! David E. Talbert is now following in his footsteps! Almost Christmas is the biggest box office of any of his films. Most of his films usually go directly to video.

  3. TroubleMaker, that memo was a little late. Well, in the interview with Shemar Moore and Aramide Tinubu, Shemar said, “I knew about the script about ten years ago.” Yep, an old story that’s a bit played.

    And remember, this was a Kickstarter and Indiegogo thing so those who donated were probably the same folks who coughed up the $181,000.00 this weekend. I doubt many others were interested.

    And check this, have you heard of the director Yousef Delana? Well, in the interview this also came out–> ” He did a wonderful piece called “Filly Brown” that got a lot of love at the Sundance Film Festival, and he was excited about the script and he really liked the idea of putting a romantic comedy together. ”

    So Shemar had a tough row to hoe the whole time. There’s a lot of first timers in this joint, including Shemar.

    • I think Shemar didn’t know how to market his film! He figured that since he has almost $1 million followers (mostly females), he thought that they would each purchase a ticket to see his film. Homeboy now realized that black females may follow and adore you but they ain’t going to support your film if they aren’t represented in the lead. They aren’t falling for the black daughter minor roles!
      That’s something Tyler Perry would never do to his huge black females audience!

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