Lester Holt and NBC Want to Continue ‘Inspiring America’ with 2-Week Run of News Series, Starting Tonight



Tonight, Lester Holt starts a special two-week run of the “Inspiring America” series on “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” with a feature story on Colbert Nembhard, a New York City librarian who visits a local homeless shelter to read to young children.

“Nightly News” will feature “Inspiring America” stories from Holt and correspondents Rehema Ellis, Joe Fryer, Kevin Tibbles and Kristen Dahlgren through the remainder of 2016. In addition to new stories, including a feature on an entrepreneur who donates frequent flier miles to help people fly home for the holidays, the special two-week run will include follow-ups to popular stories from 2016. That includes Ellis’ latest report on Zion Harvey, the awe-inspiring young boy who made medical history by becoming┬áthe first child to receive a double hand transplant, and a feature on Laura Benedict, who has raised nearly $2 million for several causes and concerns through her restaurant in Maine.

Started earlier this year, the “Inspiring America” series on Nightly News features remarkable people making positive impacts in their communities.

For more of “Inspiring America,” visit NBCNews.com and the Nightly News Facebook page.

Watch a preview below:


  1. My name is Gary Blankenhorn. While watching NBC’s Inspiring America feature, I thought of my daughter; and what an inspiration she has been to so many people. How do I contact or go about submitting this story? Thank you.

  2. i would like to give you info about a company that i believe is a great story for the “inspiring America”. The company is the Weiler corp in Knoxville, Iowa. It is a start up company, started by an engineer and his wife. This company manufactures paving machinery and many other products. It hires local employees and shares its profits with its employees. This is a small Iowa town that has struggled with having good job opportunities for its citizens. I believe this is a model business for America and we need many more like it. It’s growth has been truely amazing and the owner, Pat Weiler attributes the success to his employees. I feel it needs to be recognized.

  3. I am privileged to have as a dear friend, Dr.,Pastor Moses Brown. He serves as Minister to a congregation in the Tampa Bay area. He has a phenomenal story of his life as the son of a teen mother (was adopted soon after birth) and raised by Mrs. Brown, (Mama) who inculcated wonderful values into his early life. Moses has dedicated himself to provide so much relief for deprived children and adults. He and I are pleased to offer help, give comfort, by visiting patients at Florida Hospital,Tampa. Please give consideration to his life-story.

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