This Week’s Short Shout! A Drug Ballad of an Ill Border Cop in ‘Narcocorrido’ (Nicki Micheaux Stars)



I’m rebooting the S&A “Short Shout!” series – something we used to do with regularity previously, in which we highlighted a short film that speaks to this blog’s specific interests, every week, that we deemed worth seeing. So please send in your short films if they’re online and public, so that we can consider them for this series; email me at with a link to the film, or database I can download it from, and include a synopsis, and key cast and crew information, as well as any “director’s statement” that you may want your audience to read before watching your film.

Below is the short film “Narcocorrido” starring Nicki Micheaux (“The Shield,” “Lincoln Heights,” “Six Feet Under”) directed by Ryan Prows, and produced by L. Onye Anyanwu who produced the film as her Amercian Film Institute thesis project, and who was also selected as the winner of the first Walt Disney/Jerry Bruckheimer AFI award.

The film – which has won numerous awards, including the 39th Annual Student Academy Awards Narrative Silver Medal –  is actually a few years old, and we shared its trailer while it was touring the international film festival circuit over a 3-year period. The full film is now online and embedded below.

The title “Narcocorrido” translates as “Drug Ballad” – a subgenre of the Mexican norteño-corrido (northern ballad) music genre, a traditional folk music from northern Mexico, from which several other genres have evolved. This type of music is heard on both sides of the US–Mexican border.

In the film, Micheaux plays a Yuma county Sheriff’s deputy, an outsider and minority in her community. Gravely ill, she robs a notorious cartel shipment in a last-ditch scramble for survival. When the robbery spirals out of control, she finds herself caught up in a “Narcocorrido made real.”

Watch the 23-minute short film below; and, again, please send in your short films to be considered for our renewed weekly “Short Shout!” series (email me at

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  1. I saw this joint a couple of years ago and it was pretty intense and damn good!

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