'21 Bridges' Star Chadwick Boseman On Why There's Always Going To Be Corrupt Cops
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'21 Bridges' Star Chadwick Boseman On Why There's Always Going To Be Corrupt Cops

Chadwick Boseman’s new thriller, 21 Bridgesis out this weekend. In the film, Boseman plays a cop who is out for justice after several officers are killed.

The film also stars If Beale Street Could Talk’s Stephan James, alongside Sienna Miller, Taylor Kitsch and J.K. Simmons.

For Shadow And Act, Carla Renata recently spoke with both Boseman and James about the film and how police departments can correct the issue of dirty cops.

“The thing about police officers is…they’re [the] part of the justice system that has the complete power at the moment when you need them,” Boseman said. “Not saying all cops do, but they can plant evidence on you. They can change a crime scene to justify why they shot you. And I’m not saying that they all do it, but they have the power when they meet you. People ain’t perfect. We’re human beings. And when people have power, they are going to wield it in their favor or in ways that serve their egos. I don’t think you can fix the situation. I think you can try to make it better and you can educate people. You can do a better job of hiring and screening them before. But there’s always going to be, because of how they wield power, corrupt cops.”

Watch the full video below. 21 Bridges is out now.


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