5 Shenanigans The Ladies Of 'Insecure' Can Fall Into Now That The Lawrence Hive Has Buzzed Away
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5 Shenanigans The Ladies Of 'Insecure' Can Fall Into Now That The Lawrence Hive Has Buzzed Away

The frustrated rip of Best Buy polos could be heard across the nation when Issa Rae and showrunner Prentice Penny finally confirmed the fate of Lawrence (Jay Ellis); he’s not returning for season 3. The continuously loud buzz of #LawrenceHive turned into a full-on swarm attack against Issa (the character and the creator), HBO and whomever else was responsible for taking away their honey.

“You gotta explore life without Lawrence,” Rae had said. When life closes the door on failed relationships, Insecure opens a window for fun shenanigans. Lawrence may have been a significant part of Issa (Rae)’s life during the first couple of seasons, but we can’t forget her sisterly village, Molly (Yvonne Orji) and Kelli (Natasha Rothwell). Maybe even Tiffany (Amanda Seales)? MaybeNewly single Issa now has plenty of time to breathe in a bit more estrogen, which is probably for the best. She may need a testosterone break after literally being slapped in the face with Daniel (Y’lan Noel)’s sperm.

In anticipation of Insecure’s third season, we thought it would be fun to create a wishlist of possible antics for the ladies.

1. Essence Fest

With Issa dealing with the complicated aspect of living with Daniel and Molly trying to wean herself off that good Dro dick, it makes sense for the ladies to escape to the Girls Trip mecca. And because Kelli is out here living her best life, she can make sure the girls aren’t wallowing in their issues and have fun. Tiffany is pregnant and may not be able to participate on this one, but her bougie complaints about everything from the humidity to the crowds would’ve made for some funny side-eye fodder from the other ladies.

2. Trap Yoga / Karaoke / Sip & Paint / Sushi Rolling / Hiking

In the same vein Insecure provided an even bigger platform for Los Angeles’ popular Kiss-n-Grind shindig, it feels right for the girls to venture into the “Trap + [insert quirky bougie pastime here]” scene. Maybe we’ll get another “Broken Pussy” moment, but with Kelli singing about “French Fries and Fingering”? Or perhaps Tiffany will ask the girls to Trap Yoga because she believes it’s best for her bougie baby.

3. Issa Securing A New Bag (aka New Job)

Among Issa’s long list of headaches, working at We Got Y’all is likely in the top two. Whether she’s screwing up at Latinx/black relations or failing to connect with the youth, this job ain’t for Issa. So, the next question is what should she do? Issa’s still at a crossroads when it comes to her career’s future (or anything else in her life, to be honest), so the possibilities are open. It would be smart if she remains in the nonprofit/community sector. But for comedic fodder, her desperation can lead her to a fast-food job so she can get back on her feet. The more Issa has to interact with customers or clients, the better, because she’s hella awkward.

4. The Big Molly & Candace Confrontation

Now y’all know this list couldn’t be all roses, right? The big reveal concerning Dro and Molly is arguably the biggest and most anticipated conflict of the show right now. Now, the jury’s still out on whether Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson) was lying about his open marriage with Candace (Gabrielle Dennis). And by the jury, we mean the audience. And let’s say he is telling the truth; we still don’t know whether smashing his childhood friend is off-limits. There are rules to polyamorous relationships, too; we don’t yet know what Dro’s and Candace’s are. It’ll suck for either lady to get hurt here, but the most entertaining is drama. We ready.

5. Bonfiring While Black

Reminiscent of that epic moment when the ladies of Waiting to Exhale brought in the New Year at the beach, this would be a dope conclusion for the Insecure crew. They can reflect on their highs, lows and the messiness in the middle. Extra points if an edible is involved. Issa somehow manages to fail so much, it’s almost a talent, so imagine an edible-high Issa. Oh no. Oh YES.

Season 3 of Insecure premieres Sunday, August 12.

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