A Fan Of 'The OA' Is On A Hunger Strike Outside Netflix HQ, Protesting The Series' Cancellation
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A Fan Of 'The OA' Is On A Hunger Strike Outside Netflix HQ, Protesting The Series' Cancellation

Netflix canceled the polarizing series, The OA, after two seasons. But that news isn’t stopping one fan from protesting the action.

According to IndieWire, fan and Los Angeles-based writer Emperial Young has been on an eating strike since August 16. She has stood outside of Netflix’s headquarters in Hollywood between 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a picket sign.

The OA isn’t like most shows,” she said to IndieWire. “The sincerity, the philosophy. It’s just an important show to so many people. It deals with so many important issues, trauma and grief and mental health. It’s also this relentlessly creative, amazing experience, and the storytelling is just incredible.”

The series is just one of many cult favorites that have seen the chopping block, including Tuca and Bertie starring Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong, One Day at a Time, which will be revived on the Pop Network, and others. Young alluded to Netflix’s penchant for canceling fan favorites as her reason for protesting.

“Netflix has this mentality of starting a bunch of shows, but some good things are slipping through the cracks,” she said. “Most TV is just entertainment, and it was so great that Netflix gave a platform to creators who are trying to tell a story as special as The OA, but for them to then take the platform away after two seasons because of metrics, I think that they’re thinking too much in the short term.”

The OA starred Brit Marling, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Emory Cohen, Patrick Gibson, Jason Isaacs, Ian Alexander, Phyllis Smith, Brendan Meyer, Brandon Perea and Will Brill.


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