"A Man's Story" - Documentary About Ozwald Boateng Opening In The U.K.
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"A Man's Story" - Documentary About Ozwald Boateng Opening In The U.K.


It's been over a year since we last reported anything about A Man's Story, and there might have been a fear that it had fallen through the cracks. So it's good news that it's finally getting a theatrical release in the U.K. on March 9th and hopefully soon in the U.S. as well.

The film, directed by Varon Bonicos, and which was remarkably shot over the course of 12 years, chronicles the rise and further rise, as well as the public and private lives of London based men's fashion designer Ozwald Boateng (the first black designer to open a shop on Saville Row), who's become a favorite for major movie stars such as Anthony Hopkins, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Spike Lee, Richard Branson, Brad Pitt, Chris Rock, Daniel Day Lewis, David Bowie, Djimon Hounsou, Don Cheadle, Forest WhitakerJude Law, Lenny Kravitz, Matt Damon, Russell Crowe and  Wesley Snipes  (Though I assume Wesley is wearing a different type of suit right now…)

And that's on top of his wardrobe design for several films including The Matrix, Hannibal and Eastern Promises.

As the description of the film states, the film deals with the "hard-working and very humanly flawed, Boateng’s personal and professional triumphs and set-backs are the fascinating heart of this film which is set against a back-drop of models, movie stars and fabulous locations… Boateng is also fascinating from a sociological perspective. As a black and heterosexual man, he breaks the stereotypes of the fashion industry.

But the film isn't all hurrahs and and praises. It also reveals Boateng's turbulent personal life, including two divorces which happened during the making of the film.

Having seen the film myself, I can tell you that's it's really an excellent and fascinating film, and our U.K. readers should definitely check it out. Hopefully our readers here in the USA will soon get the opportunity as well.

Here's the trailer:

A Man's Story Trailer from Trinity film on Vimeo.

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