A TV Series Based on 'Think Like a Man' Is in Development at Fox
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A TV Series Based on 'Think Like a Man' Is in Development at Fox

nullWith a number of other past feature-length films becoming TV series, I suppose everything is game at this point; although this is one film that was based on a bestselling book, so I suppose the TV series need not necessarily be an adaptation of the feature, but instead a serial take on the original source material – the book. 

According to Deadline, Fox is developing a comedy series based on "Think Like a Man," that will be executive produced by the author of the book that would inspire a pair of movies, Steve Harvey, as well as the producer of the films, Will Packer.

Keith Merryman and David Newman, who scripted the 2012 hit (which grossed close to $100 million), as well as the weaker, even unnecessary 2014 sequel, "Think Like a Man Too," will do the same for the TV adaptation, which Tim Story will direct (at least the pilot, assuming it makes it that far into the process). Story of course directed both movies as well.

I should note that Fox most recent feature-that-became-a-TV-series, "Minority Report," which stars one of the actresses who helped make "Think Like a Man" a success, Meagan Good, isn’t faring very well in terms of ratings, and is very likely to be canceled at this point, so we can say that at least one slot will be open going into next year, through the 2016/2017 TV season. Maybe Meagan Good will appear in the "Think Like a Man" TV series as well… that is, if it does become one eventually.

It’s also worth adding that Fox’s immense success with "Empire" is of some influence on this move to bring "Think Like a Man" to the small screen.

The first "Think Like a Man" movie was a resounding success, seemingly surprising even the most optimistic box office analysts, grossing $91.5 million on a paltry $12 million budget. The sequel, made for twice the amount as the first, wasn’t as big of a hit, grossing just over $65 million. 

Harvey’s original book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man An" is an international bestseller, with millions of copies sold worldwide.

It’s too early to talk casting, specific story, etc for the potential TV series.

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