ABC Cancels 'Last Resort' & '666 Park Avenue'
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ABC Cancels 'Last Resort' & '666 Park Avenue'


As someone who watched both shows regularly, I can't say that I'm surprised. I was most excited about Last Resort, especially after we saw the first trailer for it. I had high hopes. But it's becoming clearer to me that the best dramas are just no longer on network TV. You can to go to cable for if you want to see the great stuff. 

Right now, unless a show has the names J.J. Abrams, Shonda Rhimes or Jerry Bruckheimer attached to it, it's probably not on solid ground. Although that's not a steadfast rule.

ABC has canceled both Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue.

Why? Why else? Ratings. Both started the season fairly decently (especially Last Resort), but gradually dropped in terms of viewership. Although neither was what you'd call a sure-fire hit.

Last Resort averaged about 7.3 million total viewers, with last the last episode scoring the lowest ratings for the show since its debut, with 5.8 million viewers.

666 averaged 5 million viewers, with a 4 million draw during its last episode.

All 13 episodes of each series will air, completing original season orders for both. And after that, say goodbye!

Will you miss them, if you were an avid viewer?


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