ABC Is Certainly Claiming Its Piece of the Diversity Pie With This Lineup...

ABC Is Certainly Claiming Its Piece of the Diversity Pie With This Lineup...

ABC – Click image for larger version

While writing up my post just before this one, announcing ABC’s promotion of Ayo Davis to Head of Talent & Casting, it hit me; I don’t think there’s another major (emphasis on major) American TV network (broadcast or cable) that looks anything like this behind-the-scenes. I’m of course referring to the above image compilation I threw together in a rush.

Channing Dungey; Ayo Davis; Viola Davis; John Ridley; Kenya Barris; Kerry Washington; and Shonda Rhimes.

ABC is certainly claiming its piece of the *diversity* pie. And yes, I know, “diversity” isn’t just *black and white* but this is a specifically black film/TV blog, hence my interest and emphasis in this particular case. It’s also noteworthy that these are mostly women in an industry that’s long been dominated by men, especially at these key positions.

Ultimately, it’s a start, and a move in the right direction en route to an even more comprehensive representation of diversity.

Can other networks compete?

Of course the black TV networks (BET, TV One, and even OWN, etc) are exempt for obvious reasons. But looking over the behind-the-scenes “lineups” if you will, of every major American TV network that’s not a black TV network – ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC notably (although maybe we can even add cable TV networks like HBO, Showtime, Starz, FX, AMC, etc), the professionals and creatives who are very much responsible for the various successes (commercial and critical) of each network don’t typically look anything like this. Granted the 7 people you see above aren’t solely responsible for all of ABC’s riches, but it’s just a wonder to look at these many brown faces in positions of influence, all of them working behind-the-scenes (some of them in front as well), at one single network – and a major mainstream American television network with a massive, nationwide reach.

If there is another major network (that’s not a black TV network) with this kind of behind-the-scenes makeup, please correct me.

That is all!

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