'Ade Adepitan: Journey of My Lifetime' Premieres On Channel 4 (UK) Aug 19
Photo Credit: S & A

'Ade Adepitan: Journey of My Lifetime' Premieres On Channel 4 (UK) Aug 19

nullAde Adepitan – paralympic medallist in basketball, tennis player, actor, TV show host, motivational speaker, Olympic ambassador, has branched out into documentary filmmaking, tackling polio in his latest film, Ade Adepitan : Journey of My Lifetime, which will air on Channel 4 in the UK, next Monday, August 19, at 8pm.

The film, which Ade shot earlier this year, when he traveled to Nigeria (where he’s from), takes a look at polio in his native Nigeria.

As he states:

Up until January this year my knowledge of Polio was extremely limited, which a lot of people will find surprising considering I contracted polio in Nigeria when I was just 15 months old. I think because I’ve always tried not to make my disability an issue it has meant I’ve avoided tackling the subject. It was about 6 years ago that I found out how the disease affected the spinal cord. Yeah I knew how it affected me physically, but I didn’t know about its status in the world, and that the human race has come very close on many occasions to wiping Polio off the planet completely. The people that I met, the stories they tell, the things I saw when I was in Nigeria made me laugh, cry and sometimes want to pull my dreads out in frustration. Most of all it’s made me more determined to help end polio worldwide. This is the journey of my lifetime and here’s a little taster before it’s aired on Monday the 19th of August on C4 at 8pm!

Check out Ade’s impressive resume via his website HERE.

And watch a preview of his new documentary below:

Ade Adepitan : Journey of My Lifetime from Ronachan Films on Vimeo.