African American Filmmaker Moves To Japan, Makes Indie Feature Film To Show Different Side Of Tokyo
Photo Credit: S & A

African American Filmmaker Moves To Japan, Makes Indie Feature Film To Show Different Side Of Tokyo


News from Darryl WhartonRigby, who contributes to this site from time to time, and who happens to be in Tokyo, finishing up his latest effort… 

Tokyo – Principal photography for indie motion picture Stay written and directed by Provocation Entertainment client, Darryl WhartonRigby, and produced by Rob Schwartz and Gudni Gudnason, in Tokyo is complete. The film stars up and coming Japanese star, Shogen, and introduces British model/actress, Ana Tanaka.

“Both Shogen and Ana were perfect for the leads and they chemistry is gonna be electric on the screen,” says WhartonRigby.

Baltimore native WhartonRigby has lived in Japan since 2005. He moved from Fukushima to Tokyo in 2012, after the March 11th earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant disaster.

Stay is a compelling story about a recovering addict who struggles with relapse until he meets a mysterious young woman who becomes a catalyst for change in his life.

“We wanted to show a different side of Tokyo that is not usually seen in film, especially by foreign filmmakers.” says WhartonRigby. “We are excited to tell this story. We had an international team of collaborators. It was definitely a dream come true for a guy who from West Baltimore and now making a feature film in Japan.”

Film has supporting cast with veteran Japanese actors Shima Ohnishi, Natsuhi Ueno, Shoichi Honda, Tei Tomari, Kenji Iwai, and Michiko Kodoma – Casting by Ko Iwgamai.

Photographer, Jeremy Goldberg, lensed the project, shooting on the Black Magic camera.

Schwartz and Gudnason are produced under their Tokyo based, Fusion for Peace Productions company.

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