American Black Film Festival 2011 Preview - "David Is Dying"
Photo Credit: S & A

American Black Film Festival 2011 Preview - "David Is Dying"

Competing as a narrative feature in the American Black Film Festival (July 6-9) this year, David Is Dying is an intense “psychodrama” tackling love and truth. A description of the film states…”Before a man dies of HIV, he tries to seek recompense.”

Written and directed by Stephen Lloyd Jackson, cast members include Lonyo Engele, Isaura Barbe-Brown, Brigitte Miller and Stephen Samuel Jackson Jr.


A young, successful hedge fund manager has just been told that he is HIV positive. He is informed of the possibility that his unborn child could also be infected and so too the child’s mother, his long-term fiancée, Carla.

Through an intense therapy session with his psychiatrist, David takes us on a pernicious journey that starts twelve months prior – the women, the sex and the demons. David knows that he will die. He must live with that. However, he must also resolve the ghosts of the past before he can face his end.

‘David Is Dying’ is a dark, disturbing psychodrama, which illustrates the ugly side of love and tragic passion.