'American Horror Story: Coven' Premieres Tonight - Catch Up On What's Been Teased Thus Far
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'American Horror Story: Coven' Premieres Tonight - Catch Up On What's Been Teased Thus Far


Well, tonight’s the night, after countless teasers and posters released over the last month. 

And if you missed any of them, or just want something to get you excited for tonight’s return of American Horror Story: Coven on FX, I’ve embedded most of them at the bottom of this post.

Angela Bassett plays Marie Laveau, a practioner of Voodoo who lived in the 1800s, who was called “the Voodoo queen of New Orleans,” and is indeed credited with being a unifying force in helping Voodoo penetrate New Orleans culture.

We’ll have to wait to find out just how involved Bassett’s Laveau character will be in Coven’s main plot, when the new season premieres tonight, October 9 at 10 PM ET/PT on FX.

This season, the series will explore “themes of race and oppression and family,” as executive producer Tim Minear puts it.

Here’s a breakdown of the season, if you missed it previously:

It’s been over 300 years since the Salem witch trials. Those who remain are almost extinct and in danger again. A school has opened in New Orleans to teach protection to the young. The long-absent Supreme arrives to also protect the new students and their secrets. The themes include witches, slavery, witchcraft versus Voodoo, incest, and more. This season will be set in modern day and the 1830s.

Gabourey Sidibe also joins this season’s cast, as one of the students attending the new school for witches that opens in New Orleans, as described in the above breakdown. It’s like Hogwarts, but only for girls.

Finally, as I noted previously in response to some of your concerns, until I actually watch episodes of the season, I can’t offer any commentary on how exactly Voodoo is incorporated into the main narrative, and how it will be presented overall.

I certainly hope it doesn’t continue Hollywood’s typically 1-dimensional, stereotypical *horror* trends. But the show IS called American Horror Story after all, so…

We’ll see.

Early reviews I’ve read thus far recommend it.

Promos, opening credits, documentary, and more below: