'American Idol' Accused Of Country Music Bias After New Winner Crowned: 'This Is Ridiculous'
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'American Idol' Accused Of Country Music Bias After New Winner Crowned: 'This Is Ridiculous'

American Idol has made fans mad yet again by crowning a white, male country singer as the series’ latest winner.

The finale, which aired Sunday night, was a star-studded affair that ended with the three finalists, Leah Marlene, Thompson, and HunterGirl, vying for the title of the next American singing superstar.

However, instead of picking either female contestant, America decided to choose Thompson as the winner.

This type of choice, another young white man who sings country or contemporary standards, is not unusual for the series. Carrie Underwood is probably the last most notable female winner of American Idol, with the majority of more recent winners being white men. Even more frustrating has been the audience’s decisions to get rid of talented singers, particularly singers of color. This list now includes Jay Copeland, Lady K, Christian Guardino, and Nicolina, to name a few.

While there were many fans who were happy for Thompson's success especially since his friend signed him up for 'American Idol,' they were also just as many people who were upset by the fact that the other women contestants weren’t chosen to win the title.

And throughout the season fans have been commenting on how talented singers have been left behind.

“We need…to change American Idol to Country Music Idol. This is ridiculous,” one commenter wrote, according to Bustle. Another wrote, “No effing way HunterGirl didn’t win–when she was the best of the two, I’m sorry.”

Another viewer wrote how Fritz Hager, Nicolina and Marlene should have been the final three, writing, "Apparently there are more country music voters than people who can discern actual singing talent."

Congrats to American Idol for once again doing the…predictable?

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