An Ethiopian Artist Is Caught Up in a Murder Investigation in Israeli Series, 'Mama's Angel'
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An Ethiopian Artist Is Caught Up in a Murder Investigation in Israeli Series, 'Mama's Angel'

"Mama's Angel" "Mama's Angel"

From the TV arm of French-German distribution and international sales company Wild Bunch comes "Mama's Angel," a crime-drama produced by Tel Aviv-based Black Sheep Film Productions.

Israeli director-writer Keren Weissman’s psychological drama is set within the "dark underbelly" of a wealthy Tel Aviv suburb and follows the brutal murder of a local young boy.

A longer summary reads: The ruptured body of a seven year old boy is found under the memorial for air force heroes. On the same night, the memorial is desecrated by an 18 year old Ethiopian graffiti artist named Rafa, who is caught red-handed in the act, and becomes a prime suspect in the boy's murder. The story follows those whose lives have been shattered that night, including Rafa, as well as the CSI expert who knows they’ve got the wrong guy, and Rafa’s Ethiopian mother, who thought she’d seen it all.

"Mama's Angel" "Mama's Angel"

The series, which participated in competition at the Paris-set Series Mania event and was shopped by Wild Bunch at MIPCOM - the annual trade show held in Cannes that is geared primarily towards the television industry- is a 10-episode hour-long drama series. It hasn't been picked up for USA distribution at this time, although, as is often the case with acclaimed foreign TV titles, I wouldn't be surprised to see if show up on Netflix in the near future.

In addition, there's also always the chance of an American remake; it wouldn't be the first time that an Israeli TV series has been remade for American audiences. Popular series like "Homeland" (Showtime) and "In Treatment" (HBO) are both based on Israeli originals.

But this is one to watch out for based on all I've read and heard about it. And discovering potentially interesting new films and TV series is something we love to do here.

No trailer for "Mama's Angel" at this time; only the above official images from the series.

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