An "Oscar Box Office Bump" For '12 Years A Slave'?
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An "Oscar Box Office Bump" For '12 Years A Slave'?


There’s usually something of a box office bump for a

film when it wins the Best Picture Oscar. So, is there any evidence, yet, that this holds true for current Best Picture Oscar winner 12 Years A Slave?

Will its Oscar win translate to more people going to see the film, maybe those who

were hesitant to see it initially, or those who’ve already seen it, who want to see it again? 

So far

the results are inconclusive.

On Monday, March 3,

after the Oscars, the film dropped some 34%

from Sunday. But that’s not surprising. Monday is always the worst day for

movie-attendance, and all films dropped at the box office on that day this week. Although 12 Years actually had

the lowest drop of the top 20 films

currently in release compared. For example,  Non

Stop, which dropped 68%, and Son of God, which dropped 78% from the day before.

On Tuesday March 4, 12 Years had an increase in box office of 12% from Monday, but other films had bigger increases, ranging from 20% to


What this means is that, it’s too early to tell whether the Oscar win will have any real impact on the film’s domestic box office, which, right now, is around $50.7 million.

We’ll have to wait until the coming weekend’s box office numbers to see if the there’s any real impact.

However, the film is still doing excellent business overseas, with almost $90 million at

the box office, especially in the U.K., where the film has grossed over $30.3

million; France, where it has done $12.4

million to date; and Spain, where

it’s pulled in just under $7 million so far.

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