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'Power Book III: Raising Kanan' Star Antonio Ortiz On 'Found Family' In Season 2 And Being Promoted To Series Regular

During season 1 of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Antonio Ortiz felt he was given creative control over his character Shawn “Famous” Figueroa, and it resulted in to him having a much bigger role for season 2.

Now, as he steps into the role as a series regular for the new season of the show Ortiz is still hands-on with the overall growth and development of Famous.

He explained to Shadow and Act, “It’s crazy, because, in season one, I felt that I was given creative control and I was given creative freedom on my character, but to be made a series regular and given the creative control I have now over what my character makes decisions on, how he makes decisions, what motivates him, just nuanced things that we have to deal with in reality on a day to day.”

"I think that this season I've been given the opportunity to just show where anybody would really go with this character, and where we would go in life when we're hit with these , you know, obstacles," he continued.

And speaking of obstacles, Famous has found himself in a bit of a familial riff through his relationship with his mother and sister. Ortiz explains the impact it has on his character, while also teaching the audience a valuable lesson on relationships.

“I think a big point of this show, as well as a big point of Famous’ story is ‘found family’ and how that can be more important sometimes than the family [you’re born into],” he shared. “I think this season, a very relatable point will be how even with the riffs that I go through with my sister, we still connect and maintain some type of relationship. However, the risk that I go through with Kanan, they don’t even become obstacles in our friendship.”

He further explores the idea of “found family” and how that plays out for his character throughout the entire season.

"I think it's poignant to show that found family sometimes they may not even treat you better, but just may have your best interests at heart a little bit more sometimes," he continued.

As fans continue to see the friendship between Famous and Kanan flourish, Ortiz breaks down some of the dynamics between the two characters that has left the biggest impression on him.

“I have two favorite parts of our relationship. As far as the show goes, I’m super appreciative that they show each of us are dependent on each other without ever speaking on that. It’s not as much as of a ‘Oh, I need you to do this and I need you to do that’ relationship as much as it is. He knows me better than anybody else in the show and I know him just as well so there’s times where we have conversations via telethapy,” said Ortiz. “He’s telling me what he needs to tell me, I’m telling him what I need to tell him and I think that’s something that will be very relatable to any group of friends that can just talk to each other without having to really say much to get the point across.”

Furthermore, Ortiz’ bond with MeKai Curtis (Kanan) off-screen is something that he appreciates beyond just the characters that they bring to life through the Power spinoff.

“I think the chemistry that MeKai and I have in reality is my favorite part of our relationship in the show because there’s a lot of stuff that should be bloopers that still end up in the episodes because it’s just so natural and organic,” he explained. “So it just speaks on our relationship that much more.”

Power Book III: Raising Kanan season 2 is in full effect with new episodes premiering Sundays on Starz.

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