Aretha Franklin Biopic Apparently Has Director & Financing + Its Official Title & Her Dream Cast
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Aretha Franklin Biopic Apparently Has Director & Financing + Its Official Title & Her Dream Cast


Well, good luck to her! This biopic of hers has been "in development" for sometime now, and we've documented every major progression, most notably the casting kerfuffle between her and Halle Berry (she said Halle was a shoe-in to play Aretha Franklin in the film; Halle said, I don't think so, 'cause I can't sing; then Aretha said, but Halle, you don't have to sing, 'cause you'll be lip-synching my shit; and then nothing).

In the past, she'd said that she'd met with several other actors who were interested in being in the film, but none of those actors ever confirmed any of that; Halle is the only one who really said anything publicly, and what she did say wasn't to Aretha's liking, which she expressed afterward.

Even Denzel Washington's name was said to be in the mix; and she also previously said that she was in talks with a high-profile director with several blockbusters on his resume to helm the project, but she wouldn't give a name.

Will it ever happen? Bah-humbug! Who knows?

But she's certainly doing a good job of keeping the project in play, as she periodically drops a word or two on it, leading to us (and other sites) reporting on what she said; although we've been quiet on the Aretha reporting lately. The last S&A Aretha/biopic post was in September, 4 months ago.

Today, in an MSN Entertinment piece, Aretha Franklin had some new things to say about the film; first, she revealed her "wish list" of actors to round out the cast. We know she already has the hots for Halle in the lead role; she added today that she also wants Nia Long, Kerry Washington and Blair Underwood to sign on for roles, as her older sister Erma, her younger sister Carolyn, and her brother Cecil respectively.

Her reps told the New York Daily News that no actors have signed on yet, but that Aretha "is scheduled to meet with the director and financiers … to discuss her final casting selections for the biopic."

THE director? So there's already a director attached to it? News to me. Also, are we to assume that it's been financed already as well?

Lastly, they added that the film will be titled "From These Roots" after Franklin's 1999 autobiography.

Let's wait and see what the news on this is in another 4 months…

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