Ashley Walters Gives Further Details On UK "Bad Boys" Project He & Noel Clarke Are Producing; Aiming For 2012
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Ashley Walters Gives Further Details On UK "Bad Boys" Project He & Noel Clarke Are Producing; Aiming For 2012


Noel Clarke first mentioned this a few months ago, and reiterated plans to produce a UK version of Bad Boys, which he co-wrote with Top Boy's Ashley Walters (another black Brit who also seems to be doing far better than others, given recent reports on the lack of opportunities for black Brit talent in the UK).

I think this is the first time I've heard Ashley Walters talk about the project, and he goes into more detail than Noel Clarke ever has; although what he reveals isn't particularly mind-blowing. No official synopsis yet, but Walters 

Walters, like Clarke has said also, emphasizes his desire to create and produce his own work this year, 2012, and in addition to a TV show, he mentions that this UK Bad Boys project is also on his slate to produce in 2012. 

He further describes it as a "buddy movie" (well of course) about 2 undercover cops in the UK working on a "big case," but goes on to say that it's much more than that; adding it's about 2 polar opposite guys learning how to relate and work with each other, and obviously solve this "big case" they're working on.

Not-so unlike the USA version of Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, right? Or for most buddy/cop movies actually.

Walters also talks about handling the challenges facing black actors in the UK, family life, and a bit more.

But it looks like, ontop of the myriad of projects he and Clarke collectively have on the horizon, this Bad Boys-style feature may be happening this year – or much sooner than we expect.

Watch the interview below:

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