'Not Cool At All': Audra McDonald Calls Out Audience Member Who Took Photo During Nude Scene In Her Broadway Show

July 29 2019

Audra McDonald isn't happy with an audience member for snapping a photo during a nude scene of the Broadway show she's co-starring in, Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.

The picture was taken during the opening scene, a sex scene that features the two lead characters, played by McDonald and Michael Shannon. McDonald, who had already spoken in June about her anxiety over this role, the first in her career that requires her to have a nude scene, accosted the audience member over Twitter.

"To whoever it was in the audience that took a flash photo during our nude scene today: Not cool. Not cool at all."

According to The Guardian, a spokesperson for the play said the Broadhurst Theatre, the Manhattan-based theatre where the play is showing, has a "no-photo policy." If an audience member is noticed taking a photo or recording video, they are asked by a staff member to delete them. The photographer or videographer in question is then asked by the staff member "to show their 'deleted' folder and empty it so there is no record of it still on the phone." If the person refuses to hand over their camera, they are then asked to leave.

"The ushers and house management are vigilant; they are always on the lookout for cameras through the performance, and make announcements pre-show and after intermission," the spokesperson continued.

It's horrifying to think someone would take a picture of actors in their most vulnerable moments on stage. But hopefully, McDonald's public call-out will make others wary of repeating the same bad action.


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Photo:  Walter McBride/Getty Images