'Baby Mama's Club' Coming Out On DVD In May (Confess, You Know You Want To See It)
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'Baby Mama's Club' Coming Out On DVD In May (Confess, You Know You Want To See It)

nullSince we try as hard as we can to cover everything, we do miss some things here and there. But we didn’t miss this!

This being that Lionsgate Home Video has announced that they will be releasing the “laugh out loud” new comedy Baby Mama’s Club on DVD in May 28th.

Starring Tommy Ford (that guy from Martin), Carl Payne (that other guy from Martin), Terri J. Vaughn (that lady who used to be on the old Steve Harvey Show), Miko DeFoor (the guy who used to be on…????) and Nephew Tommy (and once again who in the hell is Nephew Tommy???) and the official synopsis says that the film is about:

“James, a consummate womanizer and Randall, a devoted husband who are unlikely best friends. But when Randall becomes a father for the first time and James for the 17th time, they both seek out an unconventional form of counseling to aid them in their relationships. Hilarious events ensue as Randall tries to gain the respect of his wife and James attempts to control his sexual addiction while fending off his baby mamas.”

Hey I’m dying to see this now aren’t you? 

Unfortunately there are no images from the film that I can post and the only trailer for the film so far is password protected. Not even I could watch it which means that Baby Mama’s Club must be really special indeed.

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