Bayleigh Dayton Becomes First Black Woman To Win A Head Of Household On CBS' 'Big Brother' Since 2011
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Bayleigh Dayton Becomes First Black Woman To Win A Head Of Household On CBS' 'Big Brother' Since 2011

CBS reality show competition, Big Brother, has it first black women Head of Household (HoH) competition winner since 2011 — and it’s first black HoH overall since 2014.

Bayleigh Dayton won the competition for the week late Thursday night. This basically means the power in the game for this week, which is essentially a social experiment, rests largely in her hands.

Big Brother is a reality competition that airs each summer in which the show’s contestants, called “houseguests,” are isolated from the rest of the world for several months. They live together in a custom-built house with no interactions or communication from anyone else who is not in the house. Each week, they compete in competitions, the key being the Head of Household competition, in which the winning is delegated to choose two fellow houseguests to be evicted that week. Evictions take place each week until two houseguests are left standing, and one of the two is selected by previously-evicted houseguests to win the cash prize at the end of the season.

For the 20 seasons it has been on air, the show has been called out revealing contestants racism, homophobic, misogyny and much more.  This season has been subject to scrutiny for racist remarks by houseguests. The show has also been criticized for the lack of black houseguest and PoC that are cast each season, which is typically only one or two.

You can probably count the black houseguests who have won an HoH competition on just one or two hands. Dayton is the first HoH winner since Kalia Booker in 2011. Devin Shepherd was the last overall black HoH in 2014.

The few exceptions:

Amber Borzotra, a black contestant from 2014, was briefly an HoH but was dethroned during her time, voiding her reign.

On the first season of the U.S. version of Celebrity Big Brother, both Keshia Knight-Pulliam and Omarosa had reigns.

On the online-only, CBS All Access version of the show, Big Brother Over The Top, Danielle Lickey had an HoH reign.

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