BBC Launches New Four-Part Series, 'The People's History of Pop' - Calls for Audience Participation
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BBC Launches New Four-Part Series, 'The People's History of Pop' - Calls for Audience Participation

nullBBC Four today announced the commission of a prime-time television documentary series on popular music – "The People’s History of Pop" – and appeals to fans around the UK for their most precious, most personal and rarest music memorabilia.

The new four-part series will be independently produced by 7 Wonder, and will chart the UK’s popular music heritage from the 1950s to the noughties, over 40 years of incredible British music, through the eyes of music fans.

In partnership with Historypin (the user-generated digital archive of historical artefacts), music fans of all ages are being asked to upload photos, videos and audio of their rock and pop music memorabilia, performances and artefacts, with stories attached, to This material will create a unique online archive that brings together the UK’s musical history. The series is looking for photos, badges, ticket stubs, fan club materials, gig programmes, annuals, teen diary entries, teen band recordings, wrist bands, rare footage, which will shape and define the series. Contributors who have submitted the most surprising, moving and rare material may be filmed to appear in the program.

"The People’s History of Pop" will be broadcast on Friday nights in April, July, September and November 2016, with each episode covering a decade, starting with the 60th anniversary year, 1956.

Jan Younghusband, Head of Commissioning, Music TV says: “This is an exciting new lens on music history for BBC Four, telling the story of popular music through the eyes and ears of the fans and musicians who were there and gathering stories through memorabilia.”

Steve Condie, Executive Producer, 7 Wonder says: “We have seen lots of documentaries that celebrate our amazing pop and rock artists, but PHOP is telling the story of our musical genius from another point of view – that of the fans for whom this meant so much. With our call out for musical memories and memorabilia and our innovative website, we are making a new kind of social history programme and offering everyone a chance to share their part in the musical brilliance which is one of Britain’s greatest achievements.”

Cassian Harrison, Editor, BBC Four says: “BBC Four has always been the home of quality music documentaries which have over the years gathered a passionate audience. In 2016 I am looking forward to getting even closer to our music fans and hearing directly from them. This fantastic new series and initiative is a great way of doing just that.”

Breandán Knowlton, Executive Director, Historypin, says: "There’s something crazy and powerful about our musical memories. Think back to what was playing at your first festival, at your wedding, at that awkward teenage dance. Everyone has memories to share, and we’re looking forward to seeing yours on Historypin."

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