BBC Officially Declares Season 2 Of "Luther;" Releases Official Synopsis + A New Video Teaser!
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BBC Officially Declares Season 2 Of "Luther;" Releases Official Synopsis + A New Video Teaser!

Not like we didn’t already know it was coming… the BBC just posted an official press announcement for season 2 of Idris Elba’s Luther. Iit doesn’t contain a debut date however; just a season synopsis, along with interviews with Idris, and writer Neil Cross. Also, you’d might be glad to see another teaser preview of the upcoming new episodes, which I embedded below.

First, the synopsis summarizing episodes one and two of season 2 reads: “A year after the death of estranged wife Zoe and best friend Ian Reed’s betrayal, Luther remains tortured by the past. While Alice bides her time in a psychiatric unit and Ripley languishes in uniform, Luther has been shut away with dusty files working on cold cases. His only solace exists in his newfound friendship with Mark North and their late night chess games – forever bonded by the person that once divided them, Zoe. When former investigating officer Martin Schenk offers Luther a role in the new Serious and Serial Unit, Luther accepts. He is determined to devote his energy to reinstating DS Justin Ripley as a rising star in the police force and help those who he inadvertently hurt or compromised in the past, including Alice. The team, complete with the new addition of ambitious DS Erin Gray, is immediately faced with a surreal and nightmarish case. They must catch a man who hides behind a Punch mask as he brutally murders his victims. Luther quickly concludes that this man is obsessed with fairytale and mythology and is determined to enter into historical folklore himself by accomplishing one final devastating set piece. Luther’s focus is disrupted by the arrival of Caroline Jones, the wife of a man Luther committed to prison long ago. Caroline blames Luther for the destruction of her family and now demands his help to rescue her daughter, Jenny.

In addition to Idris, the second season will see the return of Ruth Wilson as Alice Morgan and Paul McGann as Mark North; they will be joined by Kierston Wareing as new character Caroline Jones.

Like I said, no dates have been given yet; though we should have that info soon I’m sure.

In the meantime… we posted the first season 2 teaser a week or 2 ago. The BBC has unveiled another, which you can watch below: