Billboards For 'The Daily Show' Emmy Campaign Warns Voters To Not 'Green Book This One'
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Billboards For 'The Daily Show' Emmy Campaign Warns Voters To Not 'Green Book This One'

Trevor Noah doesn't want the Emmys to indulge in the same lackadaisical behavior the Oscars did when considering the white savior filmGreen Book.

Noah's The Daily Show has released their FYC campaign billboards in Los Angeles and New York that feature the phrase, "Don't Green Book this one, guys."

Noah told Variety that the reasoning behind the billboards isn't to poke fun at the stars of Green Book like Mahershala Ali, but are meant to take a jab at the irresponsible way the Oscar voters handled Green Book, a problematic film that many saw as a reductive take on race relations, as a Best Picture nominee.

"There were a few instances of early Oscar voters who said post the awards, they hadn't even watched the other movies or they voted for Green Book just because they were angry that people said they shouldn't vote for Green Book," he said. "So it was an interesting moment where some people were using an Oscars vote as a protest vote or as a statement. And then people expressed a bit of regret after."

"The reason the billboard connects with people is because we tapped into a vein that clearly exists, he continued. "What we tapped into here is the whole fight that people are having about what should have won, what could have won and what didn't win."

Noah also said he didn't think the show's FYC campaign is about "throwing shade" but is more about commenting on what's going on in the world.

"This is a space that The Daily Show works within. We make jokes as commentary about what's happening in the world around us," he said. "It goes from politics to pop culture to social justice to what's happening in the world. And I think that billboard was exactly that."


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