5 Black Actors Who Quit The Business And Why
Photo Credit: Universal/Zelda Harris

5 Black Actors Who Quit The Business And Why

Hollywood has been touted as a city where dreams are made — but there are plenty of Black actors who quit or took a step back from Hollywood.

Many people from all over the world make it their mission to travel there. Some visit as part of a vacation, others stay much longer than that.

Hollywood is full of transplants from other states and countries. With so many aspiring actors making their way over to the city, it's no wonder that competition is steep. Many people hire agents to help them book acting gigs, others work tirelessly to support themselves while they focus on their acting career.

Still, there are some who choose to leave Hollywood after they make it, realizing that all that glitters isn't gold. Several Black actors have come forward to share their experiences navigating the industry. For Black actors, these experiences can sometimes be negative. From having to conform to rigid beauty standards to being typecast in television shows and movies, it's not only hard to make it into Hollywood but to stay there as well.

Nigerian-American actress, Karen Obilom opened up about her journey in Tinseltown. "As a black woman and actress, I have range. I am versatile and Hollywood needs to catch up to that." She says, adding that although Hollywood is doing better, it's still a tough industry. "It’s hard being a dark-skinned woman in Hollywood though. When the casting director casts black women they tend to get the ones who are already popular or lighter-skinned."

For a number of reasons, many Black actors and actresses have stepped out of the spotlight after making a name for themselves. Some announced their departure while others chose to fly under the radar. Here are five talented Black actors who left Hollywood:

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