Boots Riley Posts 3-Page Essay On Twitter Critiquing 'BlacKkKlansman,' Says Real Ron Stallworth Is A Villain
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Boots Riley Posts 3-Page Essay On Twitter Critiquing 'BlacKkKlansman,' Says Real Ron Stallworth Is A Villain

Boots Riley has several issues with BlacKkKlansman, and he’s airing them all out.

He first talked about his problems with the Spike Lee-helmed film in a now-deleted tweet which said, “After 40 years of cop shows and cop movies, did we really need one more movie where it’s supposed to be about racism, but the cops are the actual heroes of the film and the most effective force against racism?”

Riley followed this up with a three-page essay he posted on Twitter, critiquing the film.

“It’s a made up story in which the false parts of it to try to make a cop the protagonist in the fight against racist oppression. It’s being put while Black Lives Matter is a discussion, and this is not coincidental. There is a viewpoint behind it. The real Ron Stallworth infiltrated a Black radical organization for 3 years (not for one event like the movie portrays) where he did what all papers from the FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program (Cointelpro) that were found through the freedom of information act tell us he did- sabotage a Black radical organization whose intent had to do with the very least fighting racist oppression. For Spike to come out with a movie where story points are fabricated in order to make Black cop and his counterparts look like allies in the fight against racism is really disappointing, to put it very mildly.”

He even says that given what we know about what happened, “Ron Stallworth is the villain.”

Read the full essay below:

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