Black&SexyTV Is Coming to Your TV Screens - BET Picks Up 3 Series From the Digital Network
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Black&SexyTV Is Coming to Your TV Screens - BET Picks Up 3 Series From the Digital Network

RoomieLoverFriendsFinally! This was only a matter of time I’ve always felt.

BET has announced that the network has picked up 3 series from the Black&SexyTV digital network; you know the name and the brand by now, I certainly hope. If not, check out their growing empire of original scripted series here (over 100,000 YouTube subscribers and counting, amassed over a relatively short period of time). 

The 3 series picked up by BET are “RoomieLoverFriends,”  “Sexless,” and “Hello Cupid."

“We noticed Black&SexyTV has a dedicated fanbase, and their fans’ obsession for this content mirrors the obsession our audience has for BET and our content,” said Pete Danielsen, BET’s exec VP of program planning, scheduling and acquisitions.

The news comes some months after a  Black&SexyTV pay-per-view VOD service was launched, coinciding with the debut of a new addition to their growing library of content, titled "S E X L E S S," which launched on Valentines Day via a free pilot last February. 

At a cost of $7 per month, subscribers have access to current BLACK&SEXY content, as well as all past pay per view events (they did 5 of those last year), exclusive series, monthly music mix tapes, exclusive behind the scenes bloopers and interviews with the stars, and show creators/crew members, and more.

It was a move that I thought certainly makes business sense. Content doesn’t come cheap; investments (money and time) must be made to, essentially, give the people what they want. And after 3 years of earning their way into your online viewing schedules, giving you what you want, essentially for free, establishing themselves and gaining your trust in them to entertain and enlighten you, via their YouTube channel, a subscription service was the logical next step (subscribe at

And this move to your TV screens is certainly significant, and should expand their reach as awareness for the brand continues to grow. Many of you have asked me in recent years why black TV networks like BET (TV One and others) who are in need of original scripted content, seemingly aren’t rushing to acquire web series with significant followings and brand recognition; well, here you go! They are!

“RoomieLoverFriends” (starring Andra Fuller and Shayla Hale) will be the first to premiere, making its debut on BET tomorrow, Wednesday, September 16, at 11 pm ET/PT. The series will unfold over 4 hour-long episodes in successive weeks.

The other 2 series will come later.

Congratulations to Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier, and the rest of the Black&SexyTV team.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this deal comes as BET’s agreement with the Akils is coming to an end. So who knows what could ultimately develop here.