"Blade" Finally Coming Out On Blu-Ray June 19th
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"Blade" Finally Coming Out On Blu-Ray June 19th

BladeI actually keep a "wish list" of movies that I'm hoping will come out one day on blu-ray. The list is always getting longer or shorter depending on what titles get announced; but one film that has always stayed on the list since I started it is 1998's Blade with Wesley Snipes.

I LOVE that movie, and this is coming from someone, who, as you know, is not a "comic book" guy.

Well finally I can scratch the title off my list now that Warner Home Video has announced that Blade is finally coming to Blu-ray on June 19th. Well actually there are two other versions that have been out on blu-ray DVD already, but they had to be disquailifed.

One was a Canadian blu-ray that wasn't in the film's correct screen aspect ratio; and the second was a Dutch blu-ray DVD, which I once almost gave in and bought, but decided not to.

But finally we are now getting Blade in its correct screen aspect ratio, and in English to boot. Now word yet though as to extra features on the release.

However, the weird thing is that WHV is also releasing the third Blade film, Blade Trinity on blu-ray on the same day; but there's no mention of Guillermo Del Toro's Blade II which is a pretty solid film in its own right. 

Hopefully news about a blu-ray release of that film will be coming later.

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