'BMF' Star Myles Truitt On That Shocking Finale Death, His Hopes For Season 2 And How He Manifested 'Stranger Things'
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'BMF' Star Myles Truitt On That Shocking Finale Death, His Hopes For Season 2 And How He Manifested 'Stranger Things'

One of the breakout characters of BMF‘s first season was B-Mickie (Myles Truitt), and the character’s promise was even further established when he pulled the trigger and killed his love interest, Kato (Ajiona Alexus), in the season finale.

Truitt recently spoke to S&A to break down the finale, prior moments in the season, where season 2 could go — and some give some teasers about his role in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

“I didn’t want Kato to be killed,” he said of the BMF season 1 finale. “So I’m going to just say this…I didn’t want it to happen. Me as in real-life Myles. I loved our love story, I loved the dynamic duo. I felt like we couldn’t be stopped to a certain degree. And on top of that though, to prove to a point, it’s Black Mafia Family, it’s not B-Mickie and Kato show. So at the end of the day, we had to understand what story needed to be told, and whose story is being told: the two brothers.”

For Truitt, who was born in 2002, the Gen Z-er had to do a bit of research to go beyond what he knew on the surface about the real-life BMF.

He explained, “The only thing I heard about Meech was that Rick Ross song [laughs]. So as a kid that was all I was hearing, but not really knowing the back story of Big Meech and why he was saying his name. So once I got the audition sent over to me from my agents, I told them, ‘I want to be a part of a project that is illustrating a story that is real, a true story at that.’ I’m reading over the dialogue [and] analyzing it…just watching different documentaries and getting that industrial grimy feeling of Detroit…the swag that they had when they walked and talked to different people. Just having observant eyes and just watching my surroundings just being on set to just gain the different energies and vibes from not only Lil Meech, but his peers. Because he had his uncles on set, he had Big Mike on set, the people that were surrounded by Big Meech himself. That was really how I just nitpicked and went around maneuvering who is Black Mafia Family, their story, and how they came about. We were illustrating a true story, so we didn’t want the audience to be questioning what they were watching.”

This also happens to be the first adult role for Truitt, who is known for his role as a young teen in The New Edition Story, Kin and Black Lightning. He told us, “It kind of feels like my entertainment puberty in a way [laughs]. I’ve been hit puberty, I’ve passed the age of 14, 16, 18. But when it comes to the industry and the type of roles that you get and audition for, especially being underage, you’re going to get typecast for child roles. If you’re still in school, they’re going to have to pay for the teacher, [you have] a certain amount of hours on set. So once I hit that 18/19 mark and I wasn’t having to go to school anymore, I [felt like I was] past that. I’m a grown man. It felt like my real-world was literally having the same time span of my time in the entertainment [industry]. I was happy to see myself playing a grown man, because I’ve always been watching myself playing a 14-year-old and I’m 16, or playing a 16-year-old and I’m 18. So it was real cool to be able to play in more into Myles Truitt, myself, a grown man.”

As for his hopes for season 2 of the show, he thinks that a lot of B-Mickie can be explored. “[I’d] like to show a different side of me [and] show more of a spiritual side of B-Mickie,” he said. I feel like you saw just a little bit here and there throughout the season with him cleaning his gun, talking about the stories of him having to go through the nights with his gun, and killing people, and having to protect his mother and things of that nature. Where’s mom at? How’s the OG, how sick is she? How much is he going to be affected by not only having one body, that we know of, but two bodies now on his gun? And he does not have it. So it’s going to be a lot of things that are going to be on B-Mickie’s mind. But on top of that, he’s going to be a 50 Boy at heart trying and to put up a poker face and front for Meech.”

Aside from BMF season 2, 2022 will also be big for Truitt because the long-awaited season 4 premiere of Stranger Things is coming. In playing a new character in the upcoming season, he’s reuniting on-screen with his close friend and The New Edition Story co-star, Caleb McLaughlin.

“We both manifested it. I knew Caleb before Stranger Things. I knew Caleb before he was getting ready to go start filming it,” he said, speaking of when they talked while filming The New Edition Story. “And him just telling me about the audition process, and getting cast and I congratulated him. When season 2 came out, that’s when I hit him up, I was like, ‘Yo, you doing your s**t bro. You doing your s**t. But I’m going to be on the show with you one day.'” And he was like ‘Man, why not? I don’t see why not. And now, here we are.”

“This process was like two years,” he said of the long time it has taken for the show to hit the small screen, due to pandemic-related and unrelated delays. “We’ve been filming for two years, bro. I do not look like the same person. But one of my favorite things that I can say about Stranger Things, was that I got to play a basketball star. Because I play basketball, it’s my hobby, I love it. I could shoot some hoops, make a bucket or two. But it was the fact that I had to restrict myself and confine myself to a certain basketball dribble, basketball shot, because they weren’t shooting how they were today in ’86. So it’s Hawkins High. Lucas is now going to high school now, and I’m a basketball star who befriends him.”

The first season of BMF can be watched in full on Starz now. Season 2 premieres next year on Starz while Stranger Things will be on Netflix next year as well.