'Brat Loves Judy': LisaRaye Didn't Like How Jesseca Dupart Approached Her Over Her Issues With Da Brat
Photo Credit: Thaddaeus McAdams

'Brat Loves Judy': LisaRaye Didn't Like How Jesseca Dupart Approached Her Over Her Issues With Da Brat

Actress LisaRaye McCoy and her sister Da Brat have had some drama in the past that’s spilled into the present on WE tv’s Brat Loves Judy.

McCoy has spoken out in numerous interviews about her and her sister’s relationship. Brat is more laid back and wishes McCoy would take a different route instead of speaking with the media, and she’s not the only one who feels that way. Brat’s now-wife Jesseca “Judy” Dupart-Harris has an issue with McCoy making their personal business public.

Da Brat and LisaRaye's issues are made Public

In most families, the older and younger sisters often clash. That is what’s happening with Brat and McCoy. The latter has been vocal about being angry that she had to find out about her sister’s engagement to Judy on social media. Things came to head during Brat’s surprise appearance on Cocktails With Queens to celebrate McCoy’s birthday.

The two ended up working it out but would soon be in a similar situation.

During a recent interview, McCoy discussed how she found out that her sister was expanding her family on social media. Both Brat and Judy were upset and wishes that McCoy wouldn’t share so much in her interviews.

The women in Brat's life clash

On a recent episode of the show, the couple discuss the issues they have with McCoy being so open about their business in interviews. The two decide they will talk to her, but the conversation didn’t go as planned. Judy was the first one to chat with McCoy and told her that Brat refuses to discuss her sister in interviews out of respect and wishes she would do the same. McCoy was not feeling the conversation and told Judy she gets paid to act and was going to be real in her interviews. McCoy suggests that her sister stand up for herself. When it was time for Brat’s sit down with her sister, McCoy let loose.

"It's way to do that, period," McCoy tells Brat of how Judy approached her. "I'm going to handle it differently. I'm going to match the muthaf*****g energy."

Brat lets McCoy know that if she takes that approach, things will continue to be tense, which is what she wants to avoid. But McCoy isn’t hearing it.

"We can't have this type of tension because that's not fair to me," Brat says. McCoy snaps back, "Whatever she comes with, I'm coming with it too."

McCoy feels that Judy was out of line for speaking to her regarding family matters to begin with. She even gets emotional over the often estranged moments between her and Brat.