Brooklyn Film Festival 2011 Preview - Short Films "Little White Lies" And "Gowanus 83"
Photo Credit: S & A

Brooklyn Film Festival 2011 Preview - Short Films "Little White Lies" And "Gowanus 83"

The Brooklyn Film Festival (June 3-12) is still taking place and if you live in the New York City area, you still have time to check out some films previewed on S&A including My Last Day Without You starring Nicole Beharie, The Athlete and Snow On Da Bluff. Below are trailers for two short films, Little White Lies and Gowanus 83, screening at the festival as well.

Directed by Stuart Napier, Little White Lies tells the story of two foster boys and their objection to their foster mother’s new boyfriend.

Two young brothers, both in temporary foster care, look forward to a picnic with Mum but the unexpected arrival of Mum’s new boyfriend Greg, has unforeseen and dramatic consequences.What do the boys recognize in Greg that Mum can’t? A chance event gives them an opportunity to solve the problem, but will they make the right decision?

Gowanus 83 deals with a ex-con’s dilemma of resorting to his old ways when he gets into a cab. The film is directed by Michael Wood.

Ex-con Dame wants nothing more than to leave behind his life of crime. But when he gets into Gowanus Taxi Cab 83, he finds himself in a world of kidnapped Sikhs, Jewish cops, the Black Mafia,a rifle-toting-Oprah-loving drug dealer, and two of the dumbest criminals in Brooklyn. Will Dame have to revert to his old ways in order to save himself in this ridiculous comedy of errors?

For ticket and schedule info, go HERE.

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