'Canada's Drag Race' Season 3 Cast, Premiere Date And Promo Revealed: Say Hello To The 12 New Queens
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'Canada's Drag Race' Season 3 Cast, Premiere Date And Promo Revealed: Say Hello To The 12 New Queens

Oh, Canada! The queens of season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race spinoff Canada’s Drag Race are here!

The new season has unveiled the cast, the premiere date and the promo.

The season premieres July 14 at 9 p.m. ET on WOW Presents Plus in the US and select territories worldwide, day-and-date with its local airing on Canada’s Crave. The judges’ panel will set the return of Brooke Lynn Hytes, Brad Goreski, and Traci Melchor. 

The 12 queens for the season are Bombae, Chelazon Leroux, Gisèle Lullaby, Halal Bae, Irma Gerd, Jada Shada Hudson, Kaos, Kimmy Couture, Lady Boom Boom, Miss Fiercalicious, Miss Moço and Vivian Vanderpuss.

Learn more about the queens via their official descriptions below:

Bombae, Age: 29 (Toronto, Ont.)

Photo: World of Wonder

Pronouns: she/her in drag; no preference out of dra

Twitter: @ItsBomBae 

Instagram: @bom.bae 

TikTok: @bom.bae

Bombae moved to Toronto from Mumbai in 2016 and describes herself as Toronto’s reigning “Satanic Supreme.” She’s a fashion club kid who’s got legs for days, and fans can find her on runways, in photoshoots, or in an art gallery. She’s a digital drag superstar who produces live shows on Twitch every week

“Drag is SO MUCH FUN. Just look at me! If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing drag!”

Chelazon Leroux, Age: 22 (Saskatoon, Sask.) 


Pronouns: they/he/she in and out of drag

Twitter: @chelazonleroux   

Instagram: @chelazonleroux 

TikTok: @chelazonleroux 

Chelazon grew up in Saskatchewan Dene First Nations and is very connected to their Indigenous identity; in 2021, they walked in London Fashion Week for Indigenous designer Jill Setah, highlighting the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. They have nearly half a million followers on TikTok where they educate and entertain using comedy, history, beauty, and storytelling. Chelazon is an active public speaker who often works on mental health campaigns, partnering with Health Canada, the Government of Saskatchewan, and the Treaty Commissioner of Saskatchewan, and others.

“I’m the auntie here to snag your uncles.”

Gisèle Lullaby, Age: 33 (Montréal, Que.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him out of drag

Instagram: @gisele_lullaby 

Tik Tok: @giselelullaby 

Facebook: GiseleLullaby01 

Gisèle is one of the leading resident queens at the famous Cabaret Mado in Montréal. She designs, sews and styles most of her own wigs. With a bold personality, Gisèle is funny, loud, talkative, and has shared the stage with Quebéc superstar Marie-Mai

I was born to be a drag queen.

Halal Bae, Age: 33 (Toronto, Ont.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him/they out of drag

Twitter: @thehalalqueen

Instagram: @halal.bae 

Halal Bae is of Egyptian/Palestinian descent and moved to Toronto at 18 to pursue an openly queer life. Halal’s connection to her North African/ Middle Eastern Muslim background is heavily infused into her drag, and she’s proud of how she uses her roots to represent a side of queer identity that is often overlooked and oppressed. She has been involved in a number of events including fundraisers for HIV awareness and queer immigrant initiatives

Halal represents the intersectionality that shapes great cities across this country, that is often overlooked and marginalized, creating a space for and adding to a larger conversation about who can do drag and hopefully changing some minds along the way.

Irma Gerd, Age: 32 (St. John’s, N.L.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; they/them out of drag

Twitter: @queenirmagerd 

Instagram: @queen.irmagerd 

TikTok: @queen.irmagerd 

Irma is currently the reigning Atlantic Drag Star, a competition that brings together drag artists in Eastern Canada. She has produced and hosted many shows with her house of six drag children. Irma is a trained artist and won the BMO 1st Art Award, representing Newfoundland and Labrador at their national exhibition

Drag is a way for me to connect with people through humour. I can’t wait to tickle everybody’s funny bone…and not just on Grindr!

Jada Shada Hudson, Age: 37 (Toronto, Ont.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him out of drag

Twitter: @jadashada 

Instagram: @jadashadahudson 

TikTok: @jadashadahudson   

Jada came to Canada from Barbados in 2009, and has been performing drag for 13 years. In 2019, Jada was a performer for music superstar Lizzo’s pre-show. Jada’s previous TV credits include the Crave Original series 1 QUEEN 5 QUEERS and QUEENS

I didn’t choose drag, drag chose me, and I am so happy it did…Jada Shada Hudson is that strength and confidence I don’t have when I am my regular self and baby is she POWERFUL. The power to make any audience, any ages fall in love with not only her performances but that loving bubbly personality as well. Watch out world, the turnup queen is taking over the scene. And that’s on what? PERIODT.

Kaos, Age: 27 (Calgary, Alta.)

Pronouns: she/her/they/them in drag; he/him/they out of drag

Instagram: @thekaosofjesilo 

TikTok: @thekaosofjesilo

Kaos likes to mess with gender, and mess with people’s heads, using the art of drag. Her art includes dancing, gymnastics, singing, circus performance, and whatever weird things comes to her mind. Kaos’ badass energy and dedication to her art is an inspiration for many up-and-coming performers

My drag is chaotic and I’m the beautiful disaster.

Kimmy Couture, Age: 25 (Ottawa, Ont.)

Pronouns: she/her/they/them in and out of drag

Twitter: @itskimmy_1 

Instagram: @itskimmy_1 

TikTok: @itskimmycouture

Kimmy immigrated to Canada in 2012 from the Philippines and won her first drag pageant at the age of 13. Kimmy is a trans woman and is a lip-sync assassin with deadly dance moves, she is a strong advocate for the transgender and Asian communities She has become one of the top drag artists in Ottawa, having been mentored by CANADA’S DRAG RACE Season 2 winner Icesis Couture.


She is a Queen, her soul is Royalty. 

Lady Boom Boom, Age: 25 (Montréal, Que.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; no preference out of drag 

Twitter: @ladyboomboom8

Instagram: @ladydeboomboom **this may change, waiting on Crave marketing (Amy)

TikTok: @ladyboomboom


Lady Boom Boom has a degree in Clothing Conception and Production. She got a tattoo on stage to honour her grandmother. She is a regular at Le Drague in Québec City where she has hosted and performed since she was 18 

I didn’t choose to do drag, drag chose me.

Miss Fiercalicious, Age: 25 (Toronto, Ont.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him/they out of drag

Twitter: @fiercalicious 

Instagram: @missfiercalicious  

TikTok: @missfiercalicious 


In University, Miss Fiercalicious studied biology with the aim of becoming a doctor, she ultimately left school when she found drag to focus solely on her new passion. She was featured in Lights’ music video for the song Prodigal Daughter. Miss Fiercalicious is one of the few Canadian drag artists to be featured in Cosmopolitan’s Cosmo Queen Series

There has never been a queen like me on CANADA’S DRAG RACE. I’m not like other girls. I’m worse.

Miss Moço, Age: 35 (Toronto, Ont.)

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him out of drag

Twitter: @heymissmoco

Instagram: @missmoco 

TikTok: @heymissmoco 


Miss Moço is Toronto’s Portuguese-Canadian international wig snatching diva, serving legs and face for days. In 2017, she started her own drag pageant called Miss Drag Lisboa in Lisbon, Portugal and flies back every year to produce and host the event. She’s the self-appointed “drag brunch queen of Toronto” with her weekly Sunday drag brunch at the fabulous Gladstone House

I’ve dreamed about being on CANADA’S DRAG RACE since Season 1 was announced and it feels incredible to be able to check this off as one of many amazing drag experiences I look forward to creating.

Vivian Vanderpuss, Age: 29 (Victoria, B.C.) 

Pronouns: she/her in drag; he/him out of drag

Instagram: @vivianvanderpuss 

TikTok: @vivianvanderpuss


Things to know about Vivian Vanderpuss 

Vivian loves styling her own wigs into all sorts of fabulous vintage styles, and enjoys creating looks out of fabulous vintage finds. Her self-described “glampy art and vivacious personality” combined with her genuine spirit always brings a smile to people’s faces. In drag, Vivian doesn’t always present as female, she also plays with non-binary and hyper king characters


To me, drag is about feeling the fantasy, whatever that fantasy is.

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